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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, November 22, 2002 at 9:18AM :

In Reply to: Re: Strange Days Indeed posted by sankho from ( on Friday, November 22, 2002 at 8:58AM :

: I bet your sweet arse that had Iraq been named Assyria instead...and said to be an "Arab" country...and this same logic about the "Assyrians" of modern day "Assyria" being Arabs...that you'd find a whole bunch of our Christians refusing to TALK A LOT about being Assyrian...but then, they wouldn't have a National Name and identity...because the nation of Assyria would be Muslim AND "Arab"...and they hate like hell being called what would they do...what would they be?

: >>Too easy

+++Not as easy as to say, "too easy".

... that thought experiment already exists...why, it's called Syria. You see, Syria is really Assyria with a slient A. And despite it being the Syrian "ARAB" Republic, half our Assyrian people LOVE calling themsleves SYRIAN.

+++They love calling themselves Christian more. And that religion came, not from Syria but from Israel. But why split hairs...unless they are Muslim hairs?

+++Which half are you refering to...the ones born there? Why is their country. Likewise with Iraq...they are Iraqis...inspite of it being misnamed Arabia. I've always known Assyrians to quickly add A-syrian..."not like from Damascus".

+++Here agin we are talking as if being Assyrian was a monolithic thing. There are all sorts of Assyrians...exactly my point...their religions and what they CALL themselves don't's what they DO that counts.

++++You suppose it was a conspiracy?

In fact, they are proud of it. Depsite the little inconvenience of the word A-rab.

+++There is no inconvenience at all. Or there shouldn't be. America isn't England because we speak the language of England...and it isn't Israel either because we practise a religion that originated in Judea...and DON'T tell me there was very little difference between Jew and Assyrian back then...or that Ashur and Yahweh were almost twins..."so what's the big deal?"

+++Many lands over there were once part of the Assyrian empire and we are well represented in non-Christian there aren't any Christian ones left over there...ahem.

+++Syria is filled with Egypt is filled with Egyptians and Iraq is filled with Iraqis. You will find no Egyptians claiming pure or direct descent from Tut...nonetheless the people of Egypt are Egyptians. There are no Romans left in Rome today.

+++They are not all of them Arabs because of their common language or religion. get a grip...not a gripe.

-- pancho
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