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Posted by pancho from pool0216.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 2:29PM :

...of course I do. That's why those of us who do are so angry at what we see non-patriotic, non-American, un-Americans like Bush and Co. doing. No American wants to curtail civil liberties or hobble the Constitution...those aren't what failed us in 9/11...and a weakened Constitutionm will only make us weaker...as a strong one made us what we are....the better part of what we are. I wouldn't even change the Constitution if it meant shutting out people like Bush and Co. You don't become strong and vital by being afraid. But, we the People have to deal with these home grown threats to our way of life...like we DIDN'T do with Tim Mcveigh.

If you're going to use your might to provide weapons of mass destruction to Israel and support it while it commits its own Genocide against the Palestinian people...you can expect to create hostility towards America in the Muslim world. Just because Europe and America STILL hate Jews and want them out of Europe and being killed off by Muslims somewhere else doesn't mean things have opened up towards the Jews.

It is impossible to believe that the virulent hatred towards Jews that was building for 2000 years, culminating in an act of horror almost unimaginable...all of it brought on by Christians...can be put aside in two generations. This is absurd and completely out of character for the Human Bean. What IS in character is his finding a way to get the people he hates to kill each other and commit mutual suicide at the same time...and profit by it. THAT's the old Bean we know.

9/11 wasn't an issue of too many civil liberties...but a disrespect for the rule of Law and common decency....which is only increasing...so you can expect more of the same sorts of retaliation...not less.

In the mean time our water and air and forrests and rights will be exploited to the maximum...has nothing to do with security...it never did. people living in a neighborhood filled with impoverished people and homeless squatters can expect their property to be torched if they regularly steal from their already poor neighbors. What the hell do you expect...have we gotten so far removed from living on earth that we would think it could be any other way?

Go ahead...get your degrees...get your jobs...buy your goods. You don't matter in the least to anyone...you're merely filling a space...and that space confers goodies on whoever fills it...don't think you merit the treatment...it's only temporary anyway. In the next cycle you'll find yourselves downsized...the goodies will go...or you'll have to make the ones you barely afforded last you a lifetime...and you'll be out on the street trying to start over because no one will give you the inflated salary you hear tell so much about.

Then it will start all over with a fresh crop and they too will be convinced that only by plugging into the system as it stands can they hope to get anything...and they'll be shucked and jived in their turn.

It don't have to be this way...it can't last this way much longer...

-- pancho
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