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Posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, November 29, 2002 at 3:25PM :

In Reply to: That I believe ... posted by andreas from ( on Friday, November 29, 2002 at 3:03PM :

: : : : : Yes.

: : : : Here.

: : :
: : : +++ Oh, you can count ....?

: : : +++ Maybe, you also now what this chicken scratch means?

: : Bzzzz.... Bzzzzzz... Bzzzzzz... Your words are like the sound of the electric chair in my ears... go back to Der Hospitalen fur Lunatiksen, freak.

: ### That I believe ...
: that you don't perceive anything else...

: ### Your trickster "Ashur" should have invested more into your brains than into your nose.
: ... But how could he ever do do - from his perch in hell?

Andre the Ass,
Two things.

First, the nose is dignified. I wouldn't trade my nose for your lilly-white Kraut features if you paid me. Making fun of the appearance of others shows that you are indeed jealous.

Secondly, at least I'm not cowering behind my computer screen safely somewhere near Hamburgerberg. Yes, I show people my pictures and I attach my email address when I post as well. You would never do the same because your words are worthless.

If you can't stand by your words with at least your name and email address, what are they worth?

In your case, you don't even use your own just spew forth articles from your ANUS that others wrote.

Back to the hospital you go, heathen!

P.S. From a perch in hell I will piss on you... because wher ever you end up will be a much lower level... Nazi.

-- Jeff
-- signature .

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