Cliché decoded. Reads: Swallowing tears

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Posted by andreas from ( on Friday, November 29, 2002 at 3:31PM :

In Reply to: Laughing out loud posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, November 29, 2002 at 3:25PM :

: : : : : : Yes.

: : : : : Here.

: : : :
: : : : +++ Oh, you can count ....?

: : : : +++ Maybe, you also now what this chicken scratch means?

: : : Bzzzz.... Bzzzzzz... Bzzzzzz... Your words are like the sound of the electric chair in my ears... go back to Der Hospitalen fur Lunatiksen, freak.

: : ### That I believe ...
: : that you don't perceive anything else...

: : ### Your trickster "Ashur" should have invested more into your brains than into your nose.
: : ... But how could he ever do do - from his perch in hell?

: Andre the Ass,
: Two things.

: First, the nose is dignified. I wouldn't trade my nose for your lilly-white Kraut features if you paid me. Making fun of the appearance of others shows that you are indeed jealous.

: Secondly, at least I'm not cowering behind my computer screen safely somewhere near Hamburgerberg. Yes, I show people my pictures and I attach my email address when I post as well. You would never do the same because your words are worthless.

: If you can't stand by your words with at least your name and email address, what are they worth?

: In your case, you don't even use your own just spew forth articles from your ANUS that others wrote.

: Back to the hospital you go, heathen!

: P.S. From a perch in hell I will piss on you... because wher ever you end up will be a much lower level... Nazi.

//// Cliché decoded. Reads: Swallowing tears

-- andreas
-- signature .

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