I generally look down on liars like Tiglath

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Posted by andreas from p3EE3C3C6.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Sunday, December 01, 2002 at 3:06PM :

In Reply to: I'd love to try to reach up to your state of mind posted by Jeff from d53-106-196.try.wideopenwest.com ( on Sunday, December 01, 2002 at 2:42PM :

: Now, regarding your original post: David Chibo is a perfect example of DOING and not saying. He went to N. Iraq and visited villages, helped them, learned from them (and they learned from him). In the process he showed us in the West the conditions that our people were living in and raised our awareness. He does, he doesn't just talk about it. "Verb" generally means "action", and that is what he did.

+++ Decoded:
He simple moved his body (not necessarily his soul or mind and not necessarily in full awareness) into North Iraq.

+++ He made a fun trip to have some nationalist thrill bordering on the religious fanatism (remember his baptizing farce in the Tigris (?), he had a few talks, lend here or there (where?) a hand with the sensationalist feelings of a guest worker, entertained some natives and enjoyed some propaganda shoven down his throat without ever having the chance of checking the full picture and later on he loaded that scrap onto you ("he showed us .. raised our awareness").

+++ How will you ever know if what he has been fed and he was passing onto you is only somewhere near the truth? The nonsense he spouted with regard to that Rapey Jacko and his art censorship only proves that he felt more doped than well-informed and certainly not in possession of his mental capabilities any more.

+++ Where is any critical report, hard facts, where is the full material that can be checked? That's a miserable & rotten farce.

+++ There was no honouring of the minimum standards for a fact finding mission.
Only a lot of emotional slime eruptions.

+++ Just that I meant by "blind, thoughtless and speechless manipulable" activism

: Get off your high horse...
: If you ever did, you would be looking UP at Tiglath, not down at him.

+++ I generally look down on liars like Tiglath. Check out his feats of cheat, concoction and lies against me on this forum and see how much he has disqualified in this regard.

+++ Damned, you still have to learn a lot, a very lot of things, Gollum

-- andreas
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