Re: Corruption inFundraising forAssyrian Schools?

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Posted by Mosadegh from ( on Monday, December 02, 2002 at 1:03AM :

In Reply to: Re: Corruption inFundraising forAssyrian Schools? posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, December 01, 2002 at 5:33PM :


With all do respect to you and Narsai, I think Narsai has done tremendous job and I don't think anybody could have move this project ahead accept Narsai but I have to question AAS election process.

Do we know how the AAS President, Vice President and Regional Directors being elected?

What do we know about these regional directors, President, Vice President, and...? And what about their credential, Resume and their Biography?

Do we know how much each director raised in their respected region?

: What's going on is your usual. You are a Christian born again snot who wants to keep Assyrians groveling...contrary to your "supportive" posts. If I had a jock strap that "supported" as you do...

: But, no need to be too hard on might go away the sooner, then who would clip for us?

: I can assure anyone but you that Narsai David is one tough and honest cookie...if for no other reason than that his entire professional standing in America depends on his reputation as an honest businessman and a hard working fundraiser for all sorts of entities...and you all know what Andreas is. Narsai isn't about to risk his livelihood to cop a few bucks OR let anyone else pull such a stunt under his watch.

: I've told him several times to watch his back...that he may be the toast of the Assrins now, but sooner or later the long knives will come out...long knives and one egg beater by Krupp.

: Narsai will send no money anywhere until he receives work orders and he'll monitor things as much as anyone can this far away. One of their board members also works in the Mayor's office guiding a huge construction project through for the City...and the man knows his stuff.

: If Narsai heads's going to be run as well as it can be run by anybody...Assyrian or German.

: Don't get me wrong...I have all sorts of difficulties and disagreements with Narsai and he has a whole raft of them with me. But in the growed up world you don't wreck things because you can't get your way. I don't care for ZOWAAS leadership at all, nor for their attempts to lead us into another Simele...yet I would donate to help raise funds for them if one tenth of it got through. It isn't that I know them all...just know the thugs they send to represent them here can't possibly be the best they have to show...unless they care so little what we think...just drag out the dead and ask for cash.

: I also didn't appreciate Rabi Whacki from Iraqi calling Narsai...probably at Jackie's urging...and trying to get him to "stop" me from harming his doodles. Fuck him. He has an issue let him take it up with me instead, ala-Jackie, trying to hurt me with my patrons and friends. Also the ham-fisted attempt to get Jeff and I to apologize to her royal highass Jackie Bejan...and how they would "fix" the lawsuit from Iraq. Dear Ashur let me get into court and work that in.

: So...if we want anything done here for our people in Iraq...Narsai has impeccable credentials. The money raised by the AAS is accounted for in every issue of their magazine. Narsai isn't interested in ripping us has always been our fear because we choose unemployed thugs to run these things for us in the past...we "trust" them more because they are doing it from the "heart". That's ironic because we settle for the "best we can get"....when the BEST period... are available...if only the Jacksters of the world will get out of the way and serve the canapes and leave the serious lifting to the women and men who know how to work at serious things as a TEAM and not run around her footstool of a throne throwing together a picnic we'll never hear the end of.

-- Mosadegh
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