Re: Corruption inFundraising forAssyrian Schools?

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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, December 02, 2002 at 7:50AM :

In Reply to: Re: Corruption inFundraising forAssyrian Schools? posted by Mosadegh from ( on Monday, December 02, 2002 at 1:03AM :

All that information is available on their website and through their "Tree of Life" newsletter...which is still printed out and mailed the old fashined way.

Narsai is careful to work with the kinds of people who aren't so stupid or desperate as to want to skim fifty bucks off the top. There isn't the kind of money out there to be had in the first place that would inspire theft. These things go hand in hand...Narsai would only get involved to do serious work...he gets plenty of ego-gratification elsewhere...this work tugs at his heart not his ego. To do the work properly you need other dedicated professionals secure in their own professions...most of whom are successful already and don't need whatever rewards or opportunities everyone thinks are there for the stealing. These suspicions come from the unemployed or envious or destructive...of which we have far more than our fair share.

I know when the AAS received its portion of the Benjamin Adams trust...Francis "The Talking Mule" Sarguis fired off a letter to Narsai "demanding" to know what they planned to do with money etc. Narsai politely cussed him out under his breath and never bothered to respond to such an offensive order. If Francis wanted to know he could wait till the newsletter came out...and just what was his interest anyway...and if he wanted to be in on things...he could join up and help out.

Anyone wishing to come into this community to work places his or her life and reputation in danger. No matter what you do, people will talk and make up their own stories anyway. To me that spells liberation cause it doesn't matter what you do whatever you want to, you'll find yourself accused of everything anyway.

People don't like being treated as if they have something to hide...don't like being "mistrusted" because they try to do something most of us wouldn't bother with...and since we know we're not about to give up our evenings...add to our already stressed and hassled lives...then we suspect that those who do must have ulterior motives...and being of a peasantish turn of mind...what could be the motive besides making a fast and loose buck?

"Seek and ye shall find"...another line stolen from us. Ask, and it shall be given. Just do it in a civilized manner without implying there must be wrong doing where people are willing to put their hearts on the line...just because most of us wouldn't do such a thing. That offends this sort of people.

-- pancho
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