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Posted by Assyrian4Piss from ? ( on Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 10:42AM :

In Reply to: KKK In Silk Sheets posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, December 02, 2002 at 7:36PM :

I resent that.

There are many White Folks that support as you said "Darkies" Human Rights, Equlity, Liberty and Peace.

It is not about dark vs white but rather bankrupt IMPERIALIST governments last gasped to the old rule.


: I think the White Man woke up one morning...or rather woke up to the fact that while his car was hot, his dick was cold...looked outside and saw Jose, Manuel, Ahmad, Mr Singh, Ashur and a whole bunch of Darkies breeding like...well like they do...and he realized that this country would someday revert to the Dark People...with his lilly white ass the minority.

: I think this unnerved him. It's ironic that the Constitution has within it the laws that allow the Darkies of the World to come to these shores...what it doesn't contain is a way to stop them...or deny them citizenship, if they meet the standards...and most exceed them...or take away their citizenship or barring that, reduce them to second class citizens. Any little details that needed fixing in that document have been...and the borders are "OPEN". Opportunities also increased for Blacks and women...and controlling both those chattels was the mainstay of the Man.

: Back when, no one knew it would become "policy" to bring misery to third world nations and entice or force their brighter people to come to America...neither could we have imagined the day would come when Americans would refuse to do the heavy lifting in America and need a whole lot of people to run away here...usually because we supported thugs in their countries...for a better, "enviable" life.

: What the Constitution DIDN'T have in it was a provision allowing the president of the United States, on behalf of the people who own take over our Military and Industrial complex...and use it to wage wars he...and he alone, would deicde were necessary. That isn't in the Constitution. The War Powers Act was rushed through based on a lie...and is maintained in the same more lies.

: With that act in place...Bush and others can do what they need to anyone they want to...mostly Darkies standing in the way...of their profits... and not for our benefit.

: As I walked here I stumbled upon four office type men out for a smoke. They looked at me "that" know, beard, dark...maybe left the turban at home... and all of a sudden I realized that I had a lot more to fear from them than they had from me...that the Darkies of the world have much more to fear from them as well. These White Folk are the same ones who killed three million Vietnamese and 58,000 of their own...for that lie...for that corporate fellow. They are also the ones who steal and rape and pillage all around the world. THEY are the scary ones.

: The corporate types have been dismantling America for some time. I mean there was some justification for the growth of the Japanses Car industry...a good case for competition and an open marketplace. Detroit was building bombs and tanks no one wanted to buy....the Japanese presented an alternative and sure enough...American cars improved drastically.

: But that's different from what happens today as manufacturing is shipped overseas and plants closed and people thrown out of work and families and communities blighted. The scalpel that was made in Ohio...was developed there as was being made very well there and employing Americans etc. It isn't being made any better in China now...or for less to the end and me and our doctors. The only "improvement" is more profit to the middleman...our cost stays the same...not to mention the hidden costs of the ruin of families and lives and cities and towns.

: The corporate boys don't mind though...they tell you about the free market and all of that...but if the day comes people get pissed enough...or just want to jerk us around...we're going to find we need the world a lot more than it needs us...and they aren't going to be too friendly towards us then.

: For profit and greed, manufacturing...which carries with it some degree of independence for us all,,,is being sold away for short term profits..what else...what else do we brag about and yearn for? No one is looking down the road...there's no profit at the end of the day in looking down the road

-- Assyrian4Piss
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