The $150,000 Noose

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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, December 05, 2002 at 7:50AM :

Everyone knows now that a REALLY unprecedented event for our community took place that night at the Ritz-Carlton. We always use hyperbole to describe whatever it is we do...but his was real...this was something never before attempted because the man doing it was as atyppical for us as you can get. A man who had the good sense to get out and away from us early on...who was therefore NOT chopped off at the knees by us, because he made sure to stay away from us...and who was therefore able to achieve something we couldn't smear and slime and make cheap....something that when he came back in among us, we knew to be too fine to be attacked...and which we benefitted from in ways we never have yet...and ALL because he LEFT EARLY.

But the long knives will be out soon. You have to know that $150,000 in Iraq would buy a lot. You have to also realize that our leaders all drive taxis, when they work. To them this bundle...taken in ONE night like some bank playing on their little minds. They're eager to get their hands on it...they yearn to run up some "expenses"...and of course to be seen as THE one who brought it to "us".

Narsai, being who he is, isn't about to send it over there and allow them to dive into it. Not that they would filch it, just that it might get frittered away because the people getting it aren't the brightest bulbs...might not be...or might just not have the kind of experience and discipline you need to husband your resources and get a job done.

The AAS is going to want a reasoned, workable timetable...requisitions and receipts...
Narsai's a stickler about that...ask me, I KNOW!!! They're going to keep the money safely here until the responsible parties over there get their act together. This will take time...and as the money wont be sent all at one time...rumors will begin.

People will remember that Narsai was raising money for a dormitory building for a school...soon they're going to want to know where the dormitory is. having never done much, and having little experience, and being eager and impatient to be seen and known as THE ones who get these things done...there're going to be hints about, "why is Narsai holding onto the money". "Didn't he get that money for US?" "Did he just use US to get money out of people"? "Is he keeping it for HIM?" "Then WHERE IS IT!!!"

They'll never think that they have a part to play as well here...that they also have a responsibility beyond being on the receiving end, at the airport, their Eastern Bloc suits pressed...eyebrows and nose hairs combed...waiting for the cash cow to land. Narsai was able to do this thing at all because he knows from years of experience how you dot your "i's" and cross your "t"s". He's provided functions from the Rolling Stones concerts to the British Royal Dysfunctional Family.

But the grumbling will grow...Francis Sarguis will write a book about "people who steal money and lie about their college records". Opposing groups to the AAS and its connection, in people's minds, to ZOWAA...will feel slighted...they'll expect Narsai to do the same for their projects...and when he doesn't, they'll start on the usual character assassination.

I've told him...again and again...they will get him. The more successful he is, the more they'll feel compelled to get him. When someone rises among us...all our little people can think, is that the person is rising above THEM...doing it on purpose to put THEM down, because they feel so inadequate already but need to plave elsewhere...just like those Muslims and Turks did in 700AD...and 1234 AD and 1476've seen that list Peter has..."8,567 incidents when the Muslims killed eight million of us and stopped me from getting to first base with Nina from over in Skokie."


-- pancho
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