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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, December 05, 2002 at 12:12PM :

Bless his heart...he meant well. Back when I was trying to see if the cadaver had a pulse...he offered to start a grass roots drive in Chicago to get the Shumirum installed...but only on the condition that I have NOTHING to do with it and stay away.

I like spend years studying to be a surgeon...then you work at it for years...and Assyrians come to you asking for your services...only you have to not touch the patient...stay away.

I don't only make the sculpture...raise the funds...write the letters...give the talks...fix emergencies...apply to the Arts Commissions...get plans from engineers... deal with foundry...I also know how the monud, treated and installed...I know the last act of the play, as well as the first four.

The idea that I somehow break down and fall apart and need to be replaced in the home stretch, and by people who till that day knew not a single goddamn thing about ANY of the a cruel joke on somebody...not me.

I'm not about to set the example of being eviscerated, disembowelled and castrated all at the same time, right at the finish line. This isn't about bronze as a metal....or a staue or's about setting a example of what has to come AFTER.

Any teacher worth his or her grits wants those who come after to be BETTER than the teacher was. I wasn't going to have a hand in gutting this thing at the last minute...just when it was time to unveil US to the world AND us!!!

-- pancho
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