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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 10:13AM :

In Reply to: Assyrian Uprising! Don't agree? Traitor ! posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 8:16AM :

++++A sublime idiot is the best kind....

: Our demands mentioned earlier should be guaranteed along with the promise of repealing of all the fascist decrees especially against the Assyrians and Christians in the hidden Islamisation agendas.

+++Talk about your perfumed bullshit. Who in the world has ever had these sorts of demands honored? Who's had anything like this given to them? Can the Palestinian who lost his home in this generation "Demand" it be returned? And will we come and demand what was ours 3000 years ago....? This fellow will say, "you have to start somewhere". Sure you do...let's build our house starting from the roof...that way we'll be protected from the rain while we put the walls up.

Add to this the emphasis of speedy elimination of demographic changes and the return of displaced and exiled Assyrians to their jobs, homes, villages and towns.

++++Why don't you add a million bucks be deposited in your bank too...and quickly. Our ancient Assyrians were known for creating an unprecedented far beyond their neighbors that we've been slandered for it ever since and lied about and made to feel guilty for being "pagan barbarians"...releived to have turned away from Nineveh towards Bethlehem.

++++This modern breed, the heirs and by-products of all that self-loathing, will be remembered, if at all, for the unbridled stupidity they 're "proud" to express.

: Dr. George Habash
: United Kingdom

+++Dr. Hash would be closer.


-- pancho
-- signature .

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