Assyrian Uprising! Don't agree? Traitor !

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Posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 8:16AM :

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Assyrian Uprising! Don't agree? Traitor !

If not, it enhances your chances to end up clubbed to "bloody pulp"and death by any Assyrian death squad.



It is a farce indeed that the two tribal Kurdish parties who met in Sulaymania ended drafting a new constitution for the state of Baghdad as though this once giant and formidable nation is going to be rescued
and run by tribal Kurdish aghas.

The Talabani Surani tribal faction was buoyed by the reconciliation offer from his rival the Barazani Bahdinani tribal faction to end the Kurdish fratricide by agreeing to the Kurdish take up of Kirkuk and even Mosul and in this way creating greater Kurdish enclave and thus widening the smaller Talabani influence. The two Kurdish parties fought Baghdad together and fought each other for Kurdish tribal supremacy. They used every possible method and tactic to prolong their revolt, some of them opportunistic and some even quisling. Others of the Kurdish tribes like the Zibaris and Hirkies worked as mercenaries for the central regimes to fight their own brethren, the Kurds themselves. It is a fallacy indeed.

The Kurds who aimed at removing the Arabic yoke from their shoulders are going to put it on our shoulders. The Kurds while rejecting the first yoke on them are happy with the second yoke on us. This is the Kurdish double standards. The Kurds as people were represented in all the echelons of the state of Baghdad ever since the state was established. The Kurds held high positions in all the structures of the state even after the declaration of the first republic in 1958, but were not happy and unlike the Assyrians who had nothing and still have nothing under the Arabs and will have nothing under the Kurds as well.

The Kurds under the present Baath Tikriti regime, Kurdish representation is visible while the Assyrian Christians are deprived from citizenship ever since the colonial formation of that state following the collapse of the Ottomans on 11/11/1918. Indigenous native people deprived from citizenship on their own soil.

The Kurdish history is a sham and this is seen through many truces they have signed with central Baghdad knowning in advance that the Arabs of Baghdad will not yield to their demands. The Kurds never achieved anything from their three decades of revolt, but when the mighty BETHA KHWARA drove the Baathist Arabs from the northern
zone, the Kurds rushed to fill the vacuum in the north vacated by chaos in Baghdad, now the self proclaimed Kudish enclave. Examples of Kurdish blunders are ample and starting with the aftermath of the bombing in early 1991, euphoric Surani Talabani arrived in Zakho and announced on TV that he will march to Baghdad to overthrow the
dictatorship. Only a few weeks later the Baghdadi TV showed Talabani hugging Saddam Al-Tikriti, whom he described as dictator and wanted to overthrow.

In 1996 the Bahdinani Barazani requested Saddam Al-Tikriti's armor to flush out Surani Talabanis, and the region witnessed the Barazanis entering Sulaymania triumphing over their rival and arch enemy pushing him towards the Iranian borders and in the meantime this oportunity allowed men of Baghdad to slaughter members of the 'opposition' in the Kurdish enclave those who were caught off guard. This is a Kurdish history. Another act of treachery goes in about mid 1980s during the Tehran-Baghdad war and when the war tide was swingging against the Baathists and in favour of the Mullahs, Barazani met the leading Iranian Islamic Mullah begging for a Kurdish share once Iran swept its western borders. This is more of Kurdish history.

Very recently, the Surani leader during his various interviews with the foreign press he spoke of the inclusion of the Assyrians and Turkmen in the north, but he did not say how and to what limit but in reality it was just a hoax and a media Kurdish PR.

The Kurdish written constitution seems to prove the falseness of the Kurdish claim. The Surani leader wants to inflame the Assyrian issue with the Bahdinanis, where the Assyrians are, Sulaymania have none or few Assyrians.

The recent Zowaa Demoqrataya Atouraya's press release concering the Kurdish stand against the Assyrian Nation is too polite and did not go far to condem and lambast the usurper Kurds and is short of assertion of the Assyrian stand as a nation and not as a minority among the Kurds. I have stated before what we seek is overdue and need never shy in asking for a self-determination after the changes have taken place in our land and in this regard we have to force our way through the corridors of the so called 'opposition'. It is them who will devolute the power to our regions and not the men from Salah Aldin or Haj Omran.

We tell it frankly that we are the indigenous native people and living in the land for centuries and now we want an autonomous region in the north west with demarcated borders and centered around the past Assyrian kingdom regardless of the obsolete criterion of majority/minority term. The native people do not require this criterion to govern their own land and people. We are better than Singapore or Qatar or Bahrain. it is our land and we seek it as a self-governing zone in any future of Baghdad whether it is restructured or federated. This will include the Mosul Province with Partition of Dohuk and Arbil while leaving the future of Kirkuk under debate.

The Current Kurdish Rule

Recently the Kurds increased their activities in the west in order to show the world that they are capable of forming a state and to deceive the world that the geographical north is their homeland.

This intentional distortion of the history of the land is a sordid act and it goes as though the Kurds are Assyrians by descent and one day might say that Sargon of Akkad was a Kurd. The Kurdish authority fails to uphold law and order and take actions and punish the offenders. It never manages to assert itself and never will be due to the nature of the tribalic Kurds. It allows for 5/100 Assyrian members in the legislative chamber but much higher ratio in the executive chamber, because the first one is important as it makes laws but the second one is just a civil service and not

Their goal is to establish a system of one party one religion and one ethnicity rule and the rest have no place but to either accept or leave. The Kurds started to claim Mosul and Kirkuk and they know already that the Assyrian heartland is holy to us and will remain so and we will defy them.

Kurdish Crimes Against the Assyrian Christians

Since the Kurds filled the vacuum after the bombings of 1991 and the triumph of BETHA KHWARA and the withdrawal of Baghdad from the north the Kurds established the status quo Kurdish enclave and our people who happended to live under their jurisdiction suffer the Kurdish abuse by implementing the notorious Kurdification policy in the purpose of obliterating other ethnic groups-the Assyrians are the first target. Here are examples of Kurdish crimes:

1-Ethnic cleansing.
2-Demographic changes.
3-Intentional splitting of our people along the Church line to dilute our struggle for our homeland.
4-Anti Christianity attitudes and obstruction of ecclesiastical expansion.
5-kidnapping and rape Assyrian Christians.
6-Assassination of Assyrians.
7-Aggression and attacks on Assyrians.
8-Land appropriation.
10-Displacing Assyrians.
11-Sabotage Assyrian installations.

The Assyrian Nation's New Stand

In the present world oppressed nations are throwing their chains and opt for emancipation. We are the only nation/people without a state on the world scenes. Why should the Assyrians who once ruled the vast lands from Egypt
to Persia remain stateless?

We have a chance now and this is our last chance after the first failure 80 years ago and if missed we are finished as a nation and people. Our future's generations exiled, scattered and demoralised wont be able to continue.

We are divided into four major nations, with our split according to Arab and Kurdish lines we will end up divided into five nations. This will be a crushing defeat for us. Sooner or later the Kurds will secede. The recent Assyrian London declaration is a brave one but we want more from our organizations and groups:

1- Forming the Assyrian front by combing the main groups and force our way through the corridors of power within and without.
2- The system of rotation of the Assyrian delegates should be applied to allow more people to talk on our behalf and not limited to a few only.
3- We have to coordinate with other ethnic groups like the Yezidis, with whom we have better understanding than the others.
4- Merger of some organizations which are very close like the AUA and ADM for example and in order to make a greater impact.

The Assyrian Demands

We say it loud and without hesitation:

1- We reject the continuation of the current state.
2- If Baghdad is restructured only along the provinces lines-decentralisation, we ask for one lage Assyrian province or two smaller provinces encompassing Mosul, part of Dohuk and part of Arbil and keeping the future of Kirkuk under debate.
3- If federated along Arab and Kurdish bi-zone we go for an Assyrian separate zone. The aim of the above is to run all our matters ourself ranging from adminstration, education, police, religion, culture, media etc.

Forms of the Assyrian Uprising

The time is on our side and we should never fail to do everything to claim our nation and our homeland and defy the Kurdish blindness and intransigence:

1- Mass Assyrian demonstrations in Dohuk and Arbil where the Kurds assume that they are our masters. We have to show them that our relationship with them is neighbour to neighbour and not ruled to the ruler.
2- Letter writing petition and intensive media fellow up as well as using the internet and emails in English and Arabic languages at least to show our indignation for the relegated status received from the kurds. TV Interviews and radio broadcasts should be intensified to highlight our grudges against the Kurds.
3- Organizing meetings and conferences to update our people and inform the international press.

The Assyrian Delegation and the Opposition

The current 'opposition' is not opposition at all because they are mere individuals and have not partook in the struggle of the nation in the decades following the formation of the state of Baghdad.

The six-opposition groups do not represent the burdened nation but think they can speak on its behalf. The Kurds never have been an opposition party at all, because they never demanded the change or overthrow of any regime and their main concern was holding guns on the highlands shooting at Baghdad's military convoys. The other group is only exploiting the religious sentiment of its people and the other two groups are consortium of individuals and defectors. The sixth group is not a group at all. There is not a single monarchist in Baghdad and never will be. Another point to make is who holds the power and implement that we have 3% representation?

The proportional representation does not apply to us because we are the indigenous native people and have been occupied and decimated by massacres and emigration forced on us. We are not an Assyrian drop in the Islamic bucket and we want at least 10% because we represent the Assyrians and the Christians while the others are mostly Muslims. Also we live and concentrate in a few provinces only while the rest is nearly empty of Assyrians. We are the third nationality as Assyrians and the second religion as Christians.

With the 'opposition' we seek liberty and equality to be granted to all citizens and demand representation along all levels in a republican, secular and modern state.

Our demands mentioned earlier should be guaranteed along with the promise of repealing of all the fascist decrees especially against the Assyrians and Christians in the hidden Islamisation agendas. Add to this the emphasis of speedy elimination of demographic changes and the return of displaced and exiled Assyrians to their jobs, homes, villages and towns.

Dr. George Habash
United Kingdom

-- andreas
-- signature .

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