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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, December 06, 2002 at 4:33PM :

As I glance over the learned and impassioned posts on aina and I read the declarations of Worriers For Assyria and see the bold pronouncemnet, "Assyria for Assyrians"...and shudder at what these Assyrians will do when the "DAY COMES"...I reflect on what a poor example of an Assyrian I am.

I don't quibble with the ethnic claims of others...I don't believe we are pure anything except sometimes "jackasses"...I don't want to kill anybody for killing me...I don't want revenge...I don't expect anyone in Iraq to move out, as I don't expect anyone from Chicago to move out when..."the rightful owners take back what was usurped from them...and is being held by a foreign occupying force"...Kurdish or European...lands stolen from Assyrian, or Chaldean or Iroquois, or Monongahela.

I'm not interested in dragging our dead out by the hair and crying over them while I drink not interested in setting the record "straight" not concerned whether Assyrians turned to the left or the right back when...I don't see what difference it makes to allow Japanese to become American any more than would result from allowing them to become Assyrian...I'm as glad that America welcomes everybody as I am upset that we exclude everybody...unless they come from our village.

I just don't seem to have the necessary fervor..that fire in the belly, that could keep me arguing these things and proclaiming these "truths" year after year.

All I see is something precious slipping the one place on earth where it could be secured and promoted...I see our children denying who they are because the rest of us don't know...and I get especially concerned when I hear us giving encouragement to a government that has shown absolutely no interest in the "rights" of that doesn't care for the rights of its own children at home...that doesn't mind killing innocent children because they're Muslims...and that has no good reason to give a damn about our Christian ones. When did the United States refuse to kill Christians? There are over a hundred mouldering treaties this government signed with Native Americans, barely 160 years ago...and we want respect for our "indigenous" rights from THESE people?

I figured if we were serious we'd do something...something with a snowballs chance of surviving past a generation that has a smattering of hotheads in it of dubious ancestry, whose penchant for TALKING A LOT makes them in my mind at least, as unfit to present themselves as descendants of anything but Mynah birds, let alone the Assyrians.

-- pancho
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