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Posted by andreas from ( on Monday, December 09, 2002 at 7:33AM :

Lilly: First things out ...

You wrote:

"I'm a very confusing person... & I'm pretty damn confused, myself, most of the time... "

That's damned true.
Don't jump to any premature conclusions, try to understand the articles in their CONTEXT, ask if you don't understand my motives for posting them and above all: Finalize your wording and then stick to it.

Otherwise it's an embarrassment and waste of time for me.

Articles in context:
1) The bomb shelter story was posted to illustrate the psychological operations fielded to mould the Israelis into war mood.
I didn't support the notion that Israel isunder effective external threat or is being victimized.

2) The article fom MEMRI and the "Nuke Mecca" story were going together to illustrate the hystery of fundamentalisms on both sides.
No support for either side was ever intended.

3) As I said before you, are runnning into open doors when trying to advocate for Palestinian human rights and against the terror of occupation.
I share those concerns.

4) The articles I posted on Hanan Ashrawi were to illustrate the sort of mixed signal she's either giving or receiving due to her ambiguity and lack of a clear delimitating her position against the Pal terror scene.

That's all. Run through the articles again.

Refrain from catching for a high profile as self-annointed defender of the Palestinian cause/human rights at the cost of unreasonably and self-servingly painting others as the dark backdrop against which you can shine all the brighter.

That I'd call shadow boxing.

Is this clear Mrs. Confus-ius?

-- andreas
-- signature .

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