Ninos Sliwa has Suffered...Kill Iraqis.

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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 5:15PM :

He was jailed by Saddam...doesn't say why. By his account Nelson Mandela should have come out of prison firing a machine gun....and any number of Blacks wrongly charged and imprisoned in this country should encourage a foreign power to attack America. This is seeing the world with yourself at the center of it. We have earned all the disrespect we suffer from...everywhere we have gone...


In order to acheive Peace and Establish democracy, sometimes it becomes an issue of "good" vs "Evil", Democracy vs Dictatorship..
Freedom vs totalitarianism, Freedom vs Saddam, catch my drift

++++I catch the stench of self serving bullshit. In an American democracy the one who lost the election doesn't get to rule. Saddam may have jailed you...but the United States has jailed far more innocent people than Saddam ever did...and has killed people illegally and immorally all over the world by the millions...something Saddam hasn't done.

there is no better solution than to oust sadam out of power, and once the U.S Troops enter Iraq, The people of Iraq will turn against their oppressors which are the Baathi's and the bastard Sadam.__may he and his baathi regime go to hell, if not libya!!!!!

++++We heard that before. America toppled the Shah because he was cruel and got the "kind" mullahs instead...and oddly enough, the American media seemed just fine with them...violence and violation seemed to end, as far as NBC was concerned, when the mullahs danced in.

+++American doesn't "promote democracy" around the world, and less so at home these never has. America supports strong arm regimes willing to screw their own people for personal gain...America could use people like you.

I know first hand who sadam is, I was captured by him and his thug baathi regime and jailed for 5 years, I escaped the jail during the uprising and fled to Turkey,

+++For being so honest with us, you fail to say why you were arrested. As far as I can tell...only in Iraq do Assyrian Christians get arrested for nothing...while here in the free and democratic West they get arrested for all the usual crimes..petty and grand. How come Assyrians do nothing in Iraq...and break the law everywhere else they go?

then I pleaded for Political Asylum in 1992,

+++I'll bet pleading came naturally.

finally arriving in America in 1993. I will return to Iraq when the second uprising begins from the northern alliance of Iraq, consisting of an allied army of Assyrians, Kurds and Turkomans and some Armenians.

+++Third uprising...the second was the Kurd one when the United States led them out so Saddam could slaughter his's a service they provide for him every once in a while.

Liberate Iraq Now, kill sadam

+++Under Saddam's rule up to 1980, Iraq was a beautiful place to live. health care was abundant and good...better than it is in Washington was free and better than anywhere in the United States...women and girls were liberated...Universities were in every major city and the country had 20 billion in cash reserves...all of it spent on a war with Iran that bled them both dry but enriched blood merchants in this country immensely. It's an old game, a very old game. The United States has deliberately undermined progress and stability in that region and would like nothing more than to rule the place by they've been killing Assyrians by proxy for years now...children mostly.

+++Just what WERE you in jail for?

Ninos Sliwa, cousin of the Martyr perris Sliwa of Zowaa
Assyrian Friend of the United States of America and "Proud to be an American"

++++You are another one, proud to be American and with excellent cause to be ashamed as an Assyrian. Quit hiding behind a Heritage you bring no distinction to at all...America can get hoods and thugs least play hard to get.

note: wonder when beth will shut its windows as we can't even see what goes on in that, "Democractic Republic Of A Fascist Assyrian State Of Mind"

-- pancho
-- signature .

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