Re: Ninos Sliwa has Suffered...Kill Iraqis.

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Posted by Friend of USA2 from ( on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 8:32PM :

In Reply to: Ninos Sliwa has Suffered...Kill Iraqis. posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at 5:15PM :

: +++Under Saddam's rule up to 1980, Iraq was a beautiful place to live. health care was abundant and good...better than it is in Washington was free and better than anywhere in the United States...women and girls were liberated...Universities were in every major city and the country had 20 billion in cash reserves...

>>>Big deal. Anyone can do same with all free oil he got, ASSYRIAN CHRISTIAN FREE OIL!!

>>> When bastard bloody Bathys took over, we in Iraq were MISERABLE... suddenly we felt our home Iraq was not our home anymore. Maybe was good for you you bastard bloody Bathy! [You must be Arab descent!]

all of it spent on a war with Iran that bled them both dry but enriched blood merchants in this country immensely. It's an old game, a very old game. The United States has deliberately undermined progress and stability in that region and would like nothing more than to rule the place by proxy...
>>>Always too easy to blame other people for stupid own mistakes!!

as they've been killing Assyrians by proxy for years now...children mostly.
>>>Bastard Saddam take medicine, wait for use date to finish then throw medicine in SEA!! In North Iraq no children dying because no bastard bloody Ba'ath!!!

: +++Just what WERE you in jail for?

: Ninos Sliwa, cousin of the Martyr perris Sliwa of Zowaa
: Assyrian Friend of the United States of America and "Proud to be an American"

: ++++You are another one, proud to be American and with excellent cause to be ashamed as an Assyrian. Quit hiding behind a Heritage you bring no distinction to at all...America can get hoods and thugs least play hard to get.

>>>> Saddam NOT protecting Heritage...only protecting his own MONEY and POWER...fucking Bathy has nothing to do with heritage all power. Just like in's all about power. Take your sculpture and stick it up Saddam's arse. That were his heritage beelong!!!!!!!!

-- Friend of USA2
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