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Posted by Lilly from D006218.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 12:30PM :

In Reply to: For Lilly, Mr Confusius ... posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 11:39AM :

: For Lilly, Mr Confusius ...

xxx That's "Miss" to you. My forum name is effeminate on this board for a reason - I'm female. Apparently, people at AINA & YOU seem to have a problem w/ my original name being a female FINNISH name & not a misspelling of an Arabic one, so I took a board name that is unmistakably female. Idiots. But what can one do?... UNLESS you're referring to yourself as "Mr. Confusius". Trust me, if YOU were a female, you'd know what an *insult* it is to be mistaken as a male... it's horrible & ruins my appetite. But, then again, the idiots at AINA & you have ruined my appetite on countless occassions regardless...

: From the thread below:

: : : Sorry, but ...
: As I've indicated I'm just on the fly and therefore I'd regard it very expedient to concentrate on the original message in which this Assyrian idiot Qasha was claiming "Jesus Christ in his birth and humanity is an Assyrian/Jew".

: : : xxx So, if Abraham was Chaldean, then where the hades do you think his wives were from? Or anyone else who married into his family's tribe? The Israelites didn't just appear from nowhere! They're descended from lots of different people, just like anyone else in the Mid East, or even the rest of the world, today... who all had the same ancestors who crawled & slithered their ways up onto dry land from the primordial ooze. Jesus may very well have been Babylonian.

: === Check the Bible genealogy. In your imagined all-encompassing genetic whirlpool there are clear genealogical/cultural lines.

xxx OK, so where did the original Israelites come from? Why don't *you* tell me?

: You have a tendency to overstrech concepts until meaninglessness:
: Sure WE all are humans. But that's a banality and not a free ticket to usurp and claim everybody and everything only according to you whimsical likings fuelled by self-serving national pride.

xxx Did you ever think that the Gypsies & Indians have more Aryan blood in them than you do?

: However, Christ is a God having incorporated once in the physical heritage line of the Jews.
: Why this obsessive distorting only in order to upgrade your national group?

xxx Personally, I don't really care what ethnicity Jesus was or his ancestral lines, either. I pretty much regard the Old Testament as beginning w/ a perversion of the older Babylonian stories they were taken from & continuing from there w/ anecdotes & time lines that reflect the history of the Israelites from the perspective of the Israelites (so it's a biased history), & the New Testament as perhaps a more accurate representation of events. In other words, andreas, I take the "historical" accounts of the Old Testament very lightly, less literally than you seem to take it. However, where the hades did the Israelites come from? A space ship?

: === Furthermore: As said Jesus was not Babylonian, but he was even less - an Assyrian.
: Just this was the original weird claim in this thread.

xxx If Abraham, Jesus' greatest grandfather n generations ago, was Chaldean, then Jesus was at least a tiny bit Chaldean, & was therefore part Babylonian. I didn't say Jesus was Assyrian. But he could very well have been. Where did the Israelites come from? One man who asexually budded male & female clones of himself until he could populate a whole tribe? Does it really matter where Jesus' ancestors came from? It doesn't to me. His words are more important to me than his heritage.

: === Among today's Assyrians there is total confusion of concepts and words:
: Ancient Assyrians were NOT Babylonians (despite of all mutual contacts).

xxx The rulers & empires changed, but the people didn't just die off or run away - they stayed on the same land.

: === Check out:
: From the mere fact that one CAN'T positively trace back "pure" ancestorship in the unidentifiable mixup of ethnical ingredients of ME peoples doesn't follow that one is free to speak positively of ancient peoples like a homogenous ethnicity and especially one built around only 1 ethnical ingredient, the Assyrians.
: The choice of this overstretched newly definied term "Assyrians" in the wake of a nationalist movement is fulled by political motives and not by historical facts.

xxx No, it's fueled by a people's longing to know their own history as they ought to know it... You DID insinuate that the Israelites were "progressive" & that the cultures they left-behind were not progressive & unimportant for "human development". That's what I mean by "bashing". How else am I supposed to read that statement? See below.

### Let it put me this way ...:
The People to become known later as Jews left Mesopotamia because there was no chance anymoe for human development - at least not for prgression of the most important future-oriented part.

-- Lilly
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