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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 2:46PM :

In Reply to: Paul Younan is a human being posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 2:12PM :

: +++ Those who have "carried away" Hebrews are dead. The genuine Assyrian "hardcore" is dead.

+++And you are original German "hard-on".

: +++ Some fugitives (mainly Arameans and Hurrians and Mitannis and mercenaries of all sorts assimilated by the Assyrian class) were hanging around on the mountains and were later - as they were already earlier much diluted ethnically: Real Assyrians????

===Look you Fascist one with an ounce of sense if defining Assyrian as a blood type...that was your dismal country's contribution to Murder Inc.

===Assyrian is a state of mind that leads to tangible action that improves the lives of ALL people...and preserves that portion of the Human experience that we trace our Heritage to. It isn't a matter of any sort of race or blood purity".

: +++ My condolences.

: +++ And then: You have no prove

====spell "proof". You DO read don't you?

whatsoever that you are their descendants.

====No proof necessary...never was never will be...

: Don't worry: You chances are better and pretty sure that you're descendants of the people subjugated by the ancient Assyrians.

====Assyrians didn't slaughter anybody...your people did the butchering and cooking.

: Now you want to be like your former oppressors?
: Tells of a slavish mind.

===You're a have no standing to discuss these things...but go ahead.

: : Or does it matter really, since that was originally Assyrian blood, anyway?

: +++ You WANT it so much, don't you?
: Will reality really twist itself to make you happy? I fear, not.

===Like we said...we especially don't have to pove anything to you...whassmatter...don't like your to change over?

: +++ So, fraternicide.

====Can you spell "fratricide". You do cook your meat don't you?

: Sounds good and at least this one COULD be a plausible reason for your being Assyrians - as still today there is ample proof for such internecine tendencies among Assyrians and Chaldeans and Syriacs and Arameans and ....

====Oh give it a rest...

: +++ But on the other hand:
: Except for your words and wishes and bitter decidedness and historical Disneyan rewriting of history there isn't much too it - at least no facts, no evidence, no consistence with historical developments and motives - only a little pitiful nationalistic fantasy story.
: Tell that to Arabs or Turks.

====When this guy comes out from behind his see the rest of him clearly.

-- pancho
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