Punchey, the great Sanitizer ... and swindler

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Posted by andreas from dtm2-t9-1.mcbone.net ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 4:09PM :

In Reply to: Re: Paul Younan is a human being posted by pancho from pool0234.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 2:46PM :

: +++ Those who have "carried away" Hebrews are dead. The genuine Assyrian "hardcore" is dead.

+++And you are original German "hard-on".

### Typical topic shifting:
Please, heed to the simple fact that I am not any gullible & emotionally overactivatable Assyrian
For you a special flashback: "The genuine Assyrian "hardcore" is dead".
In case of your interest I'll be pleased to discuss the German phenomenon.

: +++ Some fugitives (mainly Arameans and Hurrians and Mitannis and mercenaries of all sorts assimilated by the Assyrian class) were hanging around on the mountains and were later - as they were already earlier much diluted ethnically: Real Assyrians????

===Look you Fascist spawn...no one with an ounce of sense if defining Assyrian as a blood type...

### Re-read Paul's message very, very carefully: "Or does it matter really, since that was originally Assyrian blood, anyway"

===Assyrian is a state of mind

### Rather state of absent-mindedness.

==== that leads to tangible action that improves the lives of ALL people...

### Historically false, but sounds promising for the future - if you'll have any and if you won't destroy yourselves with incompetence and delusions.
But you want to build such a future with Assyrian ideals to be shared with the whole mankind - on lies, concoctions and denials (see above for your denial of Paul's words)?
Sorry for the mankind then if we'll have to face just another morally rotten Assyrianism.
The present USA are bad enough.

=== and preserves that portion of the Human experience that we trace our Heritage to.

### What heritage apart from lies and murder?
Do you mean the Babylonian, Aramean, Chaldean, Hurrian etc. heritages?
OK, then: What do you know of them all, you ignorant Orc?
You don't even recognize one of the most spiritual mottos of the Mesopotamian culture if you happend to read it as subtitle of ANU (a Mesopotamian god, as you (don't) know):

[ng]-ge-na-da a-ba in-da-di nam-ti --tu
Whoever has walked with truth generates life
Sumerian Proverb

=== It isn't a matter of any sort of race or blood purity".

### Would be good. But tell that to your cretin Paul.

: +++ My condolences.

: +++ And then: You have no prove

====spell "proof". You DO read don't you?

### Was in a hurry. Thanks for understanding.

whatsoever that you are their descendants.

====No proof necessary...never was never will be...

### Then make it a topic or the core of your strange heritage dreams.
Whenever any of you coward nationalistic Assyrians is held to his words he turns to slip away from responsibility.
Or declare openly that you have no Assyrian origins, are no descendants of the ancient Assyrians - and simply want to borrow that name to start a new, bright culture for the good of all mankind.
Whatever you want: BE ARTICULATE.
Define your name, mission, ideas and translate into actions.
Only then you can expect to get any respect.

: Don't worry: You chances are better and pretty sure that you're descendants of the people subjugated by the ancient Assyrians.

====Assyrians didn't slaughter anybody...your people did the butchering and cooking.

### Oh God, Punchey, the great Sanitizer .... and swindler.
You have no courage to face the historical realities (of the ancient Assyrians whose name you claim at least)
This is courage?
This is a basis to build a culture.

: Now you want to be like your former oppressors?
: Tells of a slavish mind.

===You're a Kraut...you have no standing to discuss these things...but go ahead.

### It tells of a slavish and highly delusional mind.
I am very susceptible and quick to identifying those mindsets - cause "Krauts" have committed that nonsense all themselves earlier.
Would be good to see that you Assyrians don't repeat too much of the "Kraut" mistakes.

: : Or does it matter really, since that was originally Assyrian blood, anyway?

: +++ You WANT it so much, don't you?
: Will reality really twist itself to make you happy? I fear, not.

: +++ So, fraternicide.

====Can you spell "fratricide". You do cook your meat don't you?

### Of course. Thanks.

: Sounds good and at least this one COULD be a plausible reason for your being Assyrians - as still today there is ample proof for such internecine tendencies among Assyrians and Chaldeans and Syriacs and Arameans and ....

====Oh give it a rest...

### Feel free to be resting on that thought.
Fratricide - tribalism - factionalism - and so on ... the Assyrian national sport which sometimes also gets quite bloody.
You didn't know?
Don't know the details ?

: +++ But on the other hand:
: Except for your words and wishes and bitter decidedness and historical Disneyan rewriting of history there isn't much too it - at least no facts, no evidence, no consistence with historical developments and motives - only a little pitiful nationalistic fantasy story.
: Tell that to Arabs or Turks.

====When this guy comes out from behind his ANUS...you see the rest of him clearly.

### Unfortunately you don't have any clear vision of me, not to mention any realistic one.
In your unstoppable shadow boxing you are trying to build and define your own identity by creating a scarecrow substitute for me - thus only negatively and not by positively creating any substance - as if that would ever fill your inner voidness and abysmal inner vacuum.

-- andreas
-- signature .

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