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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 10:12PM :

In Reply to: What I meant by this is.... posted by Paul Younan from ? ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 7:46PM :

: ....that by all accounts (Hebrew and Arab) - Abraham their forefather heard God's voice in Mesopotamia and left for an inheritence elsewhere.

+++I know what's coming...but the fact he had to go elsewhere surely must excite some curiosity? Why did he feel he had to go elsewhere? What was unwelcome about Abraham's god to the people of that region? And when you think about the religions he see a significant difference...just in the tribal jealousy of that nut of a god...the jealous bully who took the Jews exclusively as his own...that wasn't Ashur's maybe the variations on a theme were a regression...something Mesopotamians wanted to have nothing to do with? Hell...I don't know.

: However, that didn't make him any less Mesopotamian than we are.

+++Well that brings up the whole, "when do you stop being French after leaving France to go live for a 100 years in Italy...and when do you become Italin...and just what makes an Italian an Italian etc. If they left...and heard voices from a god at odds with the inclusive what point did they become Jews?

In fact, his children and grandchildren all went back home to get wives instead of intermarrying with the peoples who surrounded them.

+++Very wise move...I came back home too after years spent in a blonde wilderness.

: To me, that makes the Hebrews and the Arabs our people, too. Mesopotamians.

++++If you follow your reasoning to its logical conclusion...we are all "our" people...let's cherish the differences and let it go at that....but let US be the ones to cherish the Assyrian part of the total Human experience...let the Jews and Christians do their part. As it stands now no one is doing anything for a strictly Assyrian Heritage.

: That makes the religions spawned off by them (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) Mesopotamian religions. Religions that had their ultimate origin in Beth-Nahrin.

++++Good for still doesn't explain away the fact that we would leave the grandfather to run after the babies.

: Is that incorrect?

+++Correct...but not right.

: Paul

-- pancho
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