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so what`s a christian anyway
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, February 12 2004, 11:20:44 (EST)
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The Reformation was one attempt to define it...and there were others before...all those "Councils" that ended by designating whom else was now fair game to be killed because they too weren't REAL Christians. And after Luther there came a dizzying array of new and improved Christians and the only thing they had in common was they didn't agree with each other and some were more murderous than others in their conviction of who was folowing the Prince of Peace "acurately"...without a one of them thinking that killing or even arguing about such private matters was aganst his wishes...if he ever existed.

What does anyone need besides the Golden Assyrian Rule?

No one knows what a Christian is...they just know what he or she ISN'T..and there are ten zillion NOT-Christians running what? It's the people who CALL THEMSELVES Christians and tell us they are, that we're suffering from...who cares a damn about the ones who are minding their own business off in a corner somewhere...what do they count for anything? Power to them..bless their hearts and let them continue in good health. They aren't the problem...we're hurting from and discussing all the rest and what makes them as bloody and FAKE, if you must, as they obviously are.

I still contend that decent people can become Christians with little they can become Muslim, Jew or Hindu or Atheist. There usn't anything in any of the religions that's going to make a silk purse from a sow's just get a lot of twisted, moronic, hypocritical pigs and porkers when you force the issue. The decent people overlook the patented nonsense in them all and remain who they are INSPITE of the religions...not because of them.

The rest..the legions of fake ones are the end result of teaching "morality" dreampt up 2000 years ago that's supposed to be good for ALL TIME! That and convincing them that their god HAS TO BE the ONLY GOD...and of course a steady diet of human flesh and blood. This is not healthy...ask your doctor...hell, ask your auto mechanic, but don't ask your priest who talks to god for you and blesses you and dandles your child on his knee. It's this fake Cristianity that's the point...when I talk about it as a religion plain and simply murderous.

The other point is how inappropriate Christianity was for Assyrians...worth the name. Look at us. In 100 years in America ONE person managed to build ONE THING Assyrian...not Christian. And that person is called an enemy of the "Assyrian" people and is a happy parriah to "nationalistic and Double-Strength Assyrians"... and his other projects were stopped dead by what...Assyrians??? No...fearful, mousey, get-me-to-heaven Christians.

Assyrians my which you can add...Christians, YOUR arse!


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