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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Wednesday, November 15 2006, 20:37:51 (CET)
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I want to premise my response by saying I don't believe in "sin" and think of sin as mistakes people make and have a chance to learn from

I will NEVER forget the day when I saw my father's eyes swell up with tears at the thought of his own Assyrian brothers NOT wanting an Assyrian school on the premises of an Assyrian "cultural" center, because they wanted to resume their gambling.

If there is "sin" out there it would not be in the sense of the "Christian" kind where if you make a mistake you go to hell. It would be the kind that those men made, having no pride in their heritage, and having no consciousness to realize they just banned their own future from existence.

That's exactly how I felt when I saw those chairs freshly spray-painted. I felt I had been shot in the heart by Assyrians, but a stranger like Dr. Kennedy came to heal me and tended to my wounds so I amy live.

You KNOW that the board in charge of the cultural center on Devon HAD to be involved in this act. These were men elected by their fellow Assyrians to run their affairs and lead them culturaly to advancement.

How much more sinful can you get to stamp out your own culture and language?
How much more sinful can you get than to elect a leader and a board to run your affairs at a cultural center, and watch them take over like Nazis and stamp out any ASSYRIAN "soul" the members may have had?

The pitiful part is that ALL Assyrian cultural centers are run like that even today! One family or group takes it over and out of their own fear and insecurity over losing control, they will commit unspeakable crimes against the members, and at the same time align themselves with a bunch of Nazis like themselves to sit at their door and bark like a dog so that no one can touch the criminal.

Of course they never realize that this is how they STAMPED OUT ASSYRIA.

Assyrian pride has been CONVENIENTLY replaced with a "Christian" one because it gives these criminals the shelter they need by which they can protect themselves. Which sheep would suspect a "Christian" man who speaks of God and Jesus twenty four hours per day would commit a crime?


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