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Re: The Vatican is threatened by "gay Parade"
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, November 11 2006, 3:43:16 (CET)
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Jeff wrote:
>My immediate reaction is that all public religious celebration should be banned, but I know better than that...
>It should at least be taxed.

...that would be too much to hope for at first...a good start would be to remove their tax-exempt status...why should the rest of us have to make up the deficits produced by THEIR lifestyle? if they love the lord as much as they say they do, why must they get tax benefits for "loving" him?

..will they STOP loving him if they have to pay taxes for it? Like the Christians who supposedly loved Jesus so much they allowed their children to be murdered rather than switch...but who, when a tax was imposed on them for being Christian, switched religions??? Is a tax the 'forced conversion" that they wail about? them like any other corporation and you might find a sudden diminishing of the fundamental Christians who want to impose their sharia law on us...or could it be, like the Christians of BetNahrain, that any kind of tax would force them to dump their Jesus?


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