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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, November 16 2006, 16:17:24 (CET)
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Website title: of the grizzliest things going on in Iraq now is that the United States, in order not to look completely ridiculous, has resorted to killing any Iraqis, but SOME Iraqis, every few days and claiming they were Al Qaida members...and no one asks for proof...because we are a FAITH-based the fuck do they KNOW these dead Iraqis belonged to Al Qaida? The answer is that they don't they didn't know so many things about Iraq.

But they have to have SOMETHING to show for the mess they've made of the word is "kill SOMEBODY!". And we're reassured because we think that's five LESS members of Al Qaida who WON'T be coming up onto our beaches in California!

This mess was was has come as no was not a failure of policy it WAS the policy...and they'll do it again...they are encouraging religious violence...pitting people against each's the same thing the neo-cons do here in America (war on Christmas etc)...what's the use? We're getting set to start the same thing in Iran....not till there's a draft will people be motivated to put an end to this....we finally have a truly mercenary didn't do Rome any good either.


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