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the obsenity of it all....
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, November 15 2006, 17:06:55 (CET)
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...plowing through the bad grammar, bad ideas etc in zindalite I come away...amused.

At a time when Christians are mocking and degrading Islam, spreading wild and erroneous tales about it(as they did about Jews before that Holocaust) and have been conducting an 18 year-old illegal war against Iraq, an Islamic country...a war Bush characterized for one brief, honest, moment as a Crusade...the Christians of Iraq, well of the West really, have the gall to moan that Islam is "targeting" THEM!

For every "martyr" they can name, Muslim Assyrians have lost two thousand...yet they advertise to the world that THEY are the persecuted ones! Not a single attack by Iraq was committed against America...yet the Christians of America, with the blessings of the "Assyrians" have waged an 18 year long war against Iraq....why? It doesn't matter...even if there isn't a single good reason for this war...they did it because they WANTED to....that's supposed to be enough...and yet not ONE Christian in Iraq should suffer any consequences...instead they should be cherished and protected...why? Because they are other reason is given.

So long as Christians show such a monumental disregard for the safety, integrity, security and needs of the Muslims of Iraq...why should anyone show any consideration for the Christians there?

Muslims of Iraq need only follow the lead of the Christians attacking Iraq...with the blessings of the Christian Iraqis outside of Iraq. When Christians show some concern for the Muslims of Iraq, they might expect some in Muslim official anywhere has said the killing of Christians is "acceptable policy"...yet that's exactly what Secretary of State Madeliene Albright said when notified of the death by starvation and disease of 5000 Iraqi children a month...if such a thing is acceptable to Christians, why should Muslims give a damn if Christians "suffer"?


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