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French Make it Illegal to Tell the Truth
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, December 23 2011, 17:39:46 (UTC)
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...fucking politicians....Sarkozy has gone and passed a law making it illegal to deny the claims of an Armenian Genocide....a fine plus prison time if you "deny" it took place. Disgraceful.

In the case of the Holocaust, historians are in unanimous agreement and it is the crackpots who deny...but in this other matter it is the crackpots who insist while real historians deny it ever happened....some junk-historians claim there was a genocide...but the matter is hardly settled.

This is crying out for a test-case....someone has to challenge this law because courts of law are different from public opinion, usually misinformed in these matters, and very different from what a politician will do to pander.

If I was brought to trial in France for denying an Armenian genocide, it seems to me I would have plenty of expert testimony, with records, to show there was at the very least very strong evidence that it's perfectly normal and scholarly too to deny what has yet to be proven.

Does this mean that all scholarship and inquiry into this matter must cease...or else? Bad law.


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