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Murder Inc.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, October 21 2011, 1:00:25 (UTC)
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...that was the name given to the old Meyer Lansky/Lucky Luciano gang...they'd kill anybody to further their goals, even if only for the fee.

It's some spectacle, the United States lauding itself for murdering people it doesn't like....hasn't every murderer since time began done the same thing? Nazis didn't like Jews.....we don't like Muslims. What the fuck's the difference between us really?

We install one dictator and care not at all what he does to his people...then, when we're through with him we get rid of him claiming we now care very much what he does to his people....this is getting sickening...and to watch the Left congratulate their "Boy", Obama for doing it "right"...for spending a lot less than Bush did to murder his man, and, best of all, costing no American lives is enough to make you puke and then realize just how deadly patriotism is...and how corrosive.

A pox on both their houses....are we now to extoll efficient murder?


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