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Punching PANCHO and Co !
Posted by JUMBLAT (Guest) - Friday, November 30 2007, 9:42:00 (CET)
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Our brother Pancho and his co-host Assyrian Muslim are insisting to have more evidences about the harsh treatment of our people by the Arab Muslims.

We brought articles, we quoted even Muslims themselves what they felt about our nation and the latest is the one wrote by an Iraqi Muslim in the honor of our late Sargon Paulos,an Assyrian poet in the Arabic language, please try to read how this person assured the harsh treatment that our people were killed and dispersed , all that is not enough they need more.

And here I will quote what this fanatic Muslim Iraqi lady wrote which she called herself Khalidah Abed Al -Qahhar, ' the Secretary of Saddam Speaks ' in her book which is printed in Egypt 1990 , these are Egbert's from page 21 about the people of TIKRIT and the family of Saddam Hussein:

" ... It is well known that the people of TIKRIT are not ARABS , but they are derived from other people who inhabited the area and they spoke Arabic which is not original where it is different from the other Arab dialects , because they were affected by the surrounding environment where it was inhabited by the Nestorian Christians headed by Abed Al-satih , and by the Arab invasion and its expansion ' Abed Al-Satih ' was given a choice to convert to Islam or leaving the area , but he agreed on the first condition to became a Muslim, but later on he committed a suicide and these people of TIKRIT are the decedents of this person who was forced into Islam .."

Note : of course this according to the ARAB sources where having a lack of credibility always , these are the people a case in point TRANSFORM DEFEAT TO VICTORY, just think about it !


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