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Re: A Christian man kills again
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, July 9 2011, 16:40:24 (UTC)
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Website title:'s a religion which extolls human sacrifice...a fuck-up of a father who's already murdered countless innocent people, people he created, now has his son "sacrificed" to cover up his mistakes....well? Why can't another father sacrifice the children he brought into the world, the children he "created", who also didn't turn out "right"?

There is ample precedent in Christianity, set by its god, for murdering those whom you disapprove of, especially if YOU made them that way.

No other religion has that as its central proposition....well, Judaism and Islam have the same starting point in their Old Testicles, but they don;t go on to make a religion of "love" out of it. It's in their past too but they seem able and willing to let it lie there...Christians carry it over into their New Testicles and make a supreme virtue of it, calling it "love" and "Peace".

Hitchens is most correct when he points out that there is no Hell of eternal damnation and fire in the bloody and brutal Old that version once you're dead you're safely out of it...but with the New Testicles, brought to the world by Jesus "Meek and Mild", comes the truly diabolical idea of eternal punishment, for ever and ever. there is no end to how much this god of Lose will make you suffer...he'll hound you for eternity!


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