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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Tuesday, December 4 2007, 23:29:28 (CET)
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Muncho wrote:
>You believe in things that NO ONE have seen... Why are you so "surprised" that Assyrians believe in everything the HAVE NOW?
>BTW. Would the good women, each get 7 Virgin MALES when they get to Janna?

I don't have to wait for Jannah, there are virgins here for me to marry thanx. Sex is not a problem for me and for any Muslims since we get married and enjoy eachother and work toward righteousness. I believe in things I know for sure just because you don't know your purpose in this life and don't care to know, don't get mad at others. We know what ever good or bad befalls us, we can deal with it. We know this life is just a test and we were created to worship. So while we here we strive to do right and do what we supposed to. We work and ask for the good of both this life and the hereafter but we know the good of the hereafter is better and the real success. This life is good, it's nice and we do what we suppose to. We don't struggle to figure out where we came from how we were created or what this life is since we know already. If you like to learn or are interested, I am more than glad to help you and chat to you sometimes. But it's your choice. wasup with you and your boy Jumbo, the guy needs help man, he is a angry fanatic.


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