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Re: George Galloway challenging Bill Maher to a debate
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, July 22 2014, 2:47:32 (UTC)
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Galloway would wipe the floor with Maher, who is no Hitchens....and Galloway cut HIM to shreds. Galloway has no writers...he speaks from the head and heart....Maher reads a script.

It amazes me that even while Maher weeps over Israel and what life must have been for Jews under persecution, he can't see that he is doing the same thing, only with Muslims. Maher believes that Muslims REALLY are a threat! If you tell him that Germans and other Christians believed the SAME thing about Jews...that they really WERE a threat to life, security, health, wealth etc., he would still say "that was different because Jews weren't REALLY a threat, it was just prejudice"....but, the Mahers of that day REALLY believed Jews were such a threat and as such had to be dealt with harshly....he can't conceive that some day people will look back at all this and think how silly Christians were for puffing Muslims up to a WORLD THREAT.

What's really precious is that Maher and Hitchens greatest fear of all is that Muslims would get hold of nuclear material. How do you like that...Christians invent the bomb and then use that invention as a reason to FEAR Muslims!


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