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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, June 28 2011, 10:08:19 (UTC)
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The US hates unions and also happens to be the leader of capitalism so it's no wonder. Any nation which is nothing but a profit maker will hate unions and love slavery. The guys who wrote the constitution all had slaves and would not have wanted to give them up or free them because of the profits they were making. James Madison, who is regarded the father of our constitution, actually owned many slaves and was a very wealthy man. He would have been regarded a billionaire by today's standards. Every slave he owned made him over 250 dollars a year while it only cost him 12 dollars a year to feed him. That's a hell of an investment. Spend 12 dollars and make over 250 in return. This is American history and unions are hated. If people were actually to listen to someone like Ron Paul who is a huge capitalist and in favor of no government interference and regulation on the market, we all be working for less money and more hours.

He actually thinks that owners and investors will waste or spend money on quality assurance, insurance, and all the other regulations and penalties they have to pay? He can't be that stupid. A company wouldn't even waste money like that and do anything to sell the product for as much as possible and make it for as low as possible. Ron Paul is a perfect example of capitalism yet I still want him to win even though I don't like him.


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