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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, December 27 2007, 23:59:38 (CET)
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"The missionaries, for their own reasons, often encouraged the Nestorians to make bogus or vastly exaggerated complaints to the representatives of the Christian powers stationed nearby who used threats of intervention or sanctions on behalf of the “persecuted” Christian villagers as a tool with which to pry more concessions from an unwilling Ottoman government which saw itself trapped into granting almost free access into their lands to what they saw as foreign agents and all because of the presence and compliance of their Nestorians subjects."

The Kurdish tribes among whom the Nestorians lived were punished by the Turks at the orders of the Christian powers residing in Istanbul. The missioanries encouraged the Nestorians to complain loudly at every opportunity, often exagerrating if not completely manufacturing incidents...the Christian representatives would then complain to the Sultan about "persecution" of Nestorians, forcing him to send his army to punish the Kurds. The Kurds understandably resented this and although the Nestorians were encouraged to believe such "help" and support on "their behalf" would be available from then on, in reality it was another instance of their being set up by the missionaries to serve their OWN ends: because the missionaries relied on Muslim retaliation against the Nestorians to drive them into the missionaries' arms and enlist them in their Crusade to convert Muslims.

The last thing missionaries and our own nationalists wanted was for our people to live in peace with Muslims...for what would be their incentive to join the missionaries? Where would there be "persecution" with a resulting need for the Nestorians to run to the missionaries to be "saved" by them? How could the Nestorians learn "gratitude" for missionary activity if there was no occasion to run to them for "protection"? Protection from what? Muslims and Nesotians HAD to learn hatred and fear of each other, to become suspicious and distrustful, otherwise Western goals could no be achieved.

And the same thing is going on today and really never stopped. It is the Christian West which props up Israeli governments who then foment violence by seizing lands illegally...and these phony "peace conferences" they stage every few years is window dressing to make it appear that the West wants peace..when that's the last thing they want in the Mid East. What choice do Jews have? They remember all too well what Christians are capable of.


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