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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, March 5 2008, 16:55:32 (CET)
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You know we never hear the term civilian over there," says Howard.

...that's because this is a war against was planned that way. same as the war against the people of Vietnam. This is the new face of war...this is the new World Order. They're killing women and children and fathers and grandfathers and calling them all "insurgents" or better yet "Al Qaeda operatives"....who's going to check? Which of these people carries a card on them saying they belong to Al Qaeda? To America the simple act of resistance makes one an enemy...same as during the Labor Movement in America..or any time people simply refuse to be bullied any longer...the Nazi's felt the same way about what we now call the "Underground"..or the great Resistance Movement in Nazi-occupied territories...those few, courageous people became heroes to us...the same holds true for the brave people fighting this unjust war against Iraq...the entire world ADMITS that the war was baded on lies...and yet they persist. What more proof do we need that Iraqis are indeed Freedom Fighters and were all along...acting in the best tradtion of our own Minute Men and Europes Resistance Fighters?

When will America get on the side of justice? Maybe when its people demand justice for themselves, at home, from the very corporations who deny them justice at home and visit it on people around the world. The rape of Iraq is only worse, in degree, from the rape of America, our economy, treasure and people.


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