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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, November 1 2011, 18:32:40 (UTC)
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The argument ended up getting a little out of hand when I told him Gadhafi is seen as something different by many in the rest of the world and I told him how he created the man made river and the many good things so gets mad and says "oh we should just give him the noble". He got mad and then went and told a supervisor and she said "never talk politics with friends and family". He later admitted that he envies the fact that I have had international exposure, speak 4 languages and seem to know more than him. Its not that I'm smarter than him but I didn't receive my info and education from the same place as they do nor do I pose as an expert because I heard something on FOX news. I have my opinions and there are facts. These people only have statements which are given to them by their media and they speak with no knowledge. I read a shocking report that before the Iraq war, 86% of Americans could not located Iraq on the map. That's all I needed to know in order to confirm my opinion that we are dealing with idiots.


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