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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, March 24 2011, 21:55:30 (UTC)
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Be careful bro, they gonna come after you and throw you in Guantanamo Bay. Remember that your mama is Muslim and you still qualify for part time jail time just because of that. It is a crime to Be Muslim today even if it's just one of your parent. I knew these African kids who were adopted by Christians at an early age. They all had Muslim names before but were changed to names like Dickson, Caroline and other white names. Even though they are Christian, the White people still don't trust them because they don't attack Muhammad or Islam. I had also met an African American at an old job whose name was Hussein. It turns out his parents were Muslims and dies in a car accident when he was young so he was raised by White foster parents who made him a Christian and told him pork was healthy for him.

At that time I was a Muslim still and I talked with him for a little and within 2 weeks he told me that he was getting back into Islam. I smoke a blunt with him whenever I see him and make fun of White people.


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