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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, October 2 2010, 17:37:14 (UTC)
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yup, only Christians/white people do such things. Maybe they are just a bunch of blond hair blue eyed devils or at least they behave that way. I noticed white people also have a huge paranoia problem. I think after having done and still are doing all this evil against people of colour, their conscience is maybe getting to them because they think the world is out to get them. It is the white man/Christian who has been doing evil in this world yet they are the ones fearing for their lives. I also have to admire Black people in America because they have always found a way to beat the white man's system. They didn't want black boys in the same schools with white girls because they knew what would happen yet black people beat it. They wouldn't allow black people to play sports in the same league yet they soon discovered the white man sucks in basketball, baseball and even football. Nowadays it is pretty much Black people who are dominating in entertainment and sports in America and it bothers the white man.

I love going to Black barbershops because they only know how to cut my hair and do my facial hairs nicely. I was talking to the owner who was cutting my hair and he was telling me how all the ethnic minorities who come to his shop feel just fine. But when a white guy comes in there, he starts feeling uncomfortable within minutes because of so many Black people. I started laughing and telling him that they are wimps and always think we are out to get them. In my experience, I have received the bad treatment from white people and not black people. I can go into a restaurant with all black people in it and they pretty much view me as one, but I go into a place full of white people and all eyes are on me. I find black people to be more down to earth than white people ever could be. I think the white man just sick in the head.


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