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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, December 21 2014, 16:01:10 (UTC)
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I just saw a clip in which Hitchens explains this very thing...the interviewer asks him this very question and Hitchens replies that it was 9/11 that changed everything for him...that incident convinced him that Islam was pure evil and was coming for us and him...and his children which I have no doubt he loved dearly and probably also wanted to provide for....before that event there was the Serbian/Bosnian war, which he covered as a journalist...then it was that he prayed for American intervention, meaning violence, to stop the "ethnic cleansing" and the other horrors he witnessed. America became the hero to him.

One has to assume that until that day he had never seen the results of wars of liberation against colonialism, something he supported, despite acts of violence etc. I can't say but maybe if he had been to Vietnam and seen what the Viet Cong HAD to do in order to get the gringos out, he would have turned against them and prayed the Americans obliterated them all to end the "violence".

His explanation sounds pretty lame...those who oppose the Iraq war are not FOR 9/11...we were all shocked, but few of us decided the problem was Islam...which is what Hitchens came away with...he makes it plain that he has no patience for those who say that 9/11 was retaliation for was just pure evil by a religion, NOT fanatics in that religion, or criminals who just happened to be of that religion,and not anything to do with politics or liberation but the religion itself. Islam "demands" violence, is what he came to believe, against all evidence except what this highly "educated" man came to select for his purposes. This seems to me to be the most shocking thing of all, because Hitchens is basically falling for the old Nazi line about another religion, Judaism.

How many scientists and professors and intellectuals and philosophers believed Nazi tripe? There were brilliant people who actually believed Germany and Western Civilization were at war with a Judaism that was attacking THEM...their interpretation of 1000 years of persecution of Jews was an ongoing war of Christians DEFENDING themselves from Jewish plots and etc. They actually BELIEVED it, and of course it gave them the cushion of belief they needed to commit the Holocaust, which ALL of Europe was complicit in, including the United States.

In another debate I heard Hitchens say that the first act of terror against the United States was committed in the early 18th century by Muslim pirates off the coast of Africa and Jefferson was forced to send the navy to "protect" us....he said that the head of the pirates called on Allah, who had given THEM the right to rule those is that any different than the Monroe Doctrine, another example of the "Manifest Destiny" WE claimed God had ceded to us? And what horrors have WE committed in our own hemisphere?

People call on their gods all the time for comfort, for help, for justification of crimes...all the time. Why is it so sinister only when Muslims call on theirs?

If 9/11 is really the reason Hitchens switched sides and then believed that Islam was pure evil and was "coming for us"...what were Iraqis to think of the murder by starvation and disease inflicted on 700,000 Iraqi babies under the age of five? How were Iraqis supposed to interpret that...especially when soon after the Christians DID come for the rest of them? We ACTUALLY "came for" them...where, since 9/11 have any Muslims COUNTIERS come for us?


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