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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Tuesday, December 5 2006, 21:21:33 (CET)
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Fil wrote:
>Whatever happened to Pancho?
>Date: Tuesday, 5 December 2006, at 5:22 pm
>Being away for a week or so, it would seem that I have missed something.

****You missed NOTHING, you are just pretending not to know what's going on, because you KNOW if you had said ANYTHING to defend Pancho, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN BANNED, and YOUR mother would have been called a WHORE instead of mine! (I know all the tricks you Zowaachiyeh use by now!).

>I noticed that Pancho is no longer irrigating this forum with his daily posts.

***A condition which I'm sure delights you all.

"In terms of civility and for all the time upto the last few days, I honestly thought he was doing very well in his choice of words and I can confidently say that it must have taken brother Pancho quite a bit of self control to keep it that way."

****There was NO SELF-CONTROL involved, to the extent Pancho speaks what's in his heart and doesn't care what anyone thinks.
>Something must have blown the lid off and I do not know what and when. I am sure we have not heard the last of Pancho.
***You know very well that MESS O POTATO is YOUR forum, and in lieu of that ONLY Zowaachiyeh will be protected and the rest banned! You people lie so much that after a while you lose track of reality. Sooner or later, the Karmic law of nature will catch up to all of you, and will FORCE you to take a stand, and defend the TRUTH! You can't always be hiding or sitting on the edge and watching!

Muy interesante!

***Isn't it?

***Maggie Yonan


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