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Silence in assyria is Deafening...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, March 4 2011, 16:27:31 (UTC)
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...and fascinating too. In fact, assyrians wouldn't write or care about anything positive happening in Iraq right now, let alone the rest of the MidEast...not even if the assyrians in Iraq were to all of a sudden prosper, that is, if they did so with the help of Qurds...or any Muslims. While Aprim won't send a dime to the assyrians (because he needs all his spare change to pay to have his "books" published) he is ready to rake them over the coals (and wish some "martyrdom" on them) if they accept any help from any Muslim.

What gets assyrian blood pumping these days, and the only "positive" thing they can expect, is more assyrians being killed, by Muslims of course. It is "lamentable" when Christians kill assyrians but MARTYRDOM when Muslims do it...and I can't understand why Muslims haven't done more of it...honestly, this "violent" religion seems far more forgiving and pacifistic than Christianity with it's "Prince of Peace", who incidentally had to be murdered before any Christian could even exist or get into heaven.

So, as long as positive things are happening in the long as Muslims are standing up and risking their lives for freedom and democracy, assyrians sit glumly silent at their computers with nothing to say, because the news is good...too good.

But just wait till the next assyrian has a heart attack fucking someone...and Maggie and all the nationalists will be up in arms with petitions to Obama and the UN demandsing that SEX MARTYRDOM is rampant in Iraq!


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