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That's Just Great...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, December 13 2007, 21:51:18 (CET)
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The United States will now play "good cop" to it's own "bad cop".

Led by the military, war-weary US awakens to 'soft power'

by Jim Mannion Thu Dec 13, 11:51 AM ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) - After six hard years of war, the United States is awakening to the idea that "soft power" is a better way to regain influence and clout in a world bubbling with instability. nation on earth has done more to bring the world to the "bubbling with instabilty" boiling point than the United States, under whatever adminstration...and now that they've done enough with "hard power" and the costs are rising...they want to economize with "soft power" meaningless a phrase as any they've concocted so far.

..and for all those suggesting I go live somewhere else if I don't like it here. let me remind them that as an Assyrian as well as an American I prefer to act the part and stay right where I am and keep calling for change and sticking it to them whenever I can...Will Rogers said it best...the very meaning of being an Americans is that you can walk up to the president of the United States and call him a son of a bitch to his face...not to leave if you don't like the son of a bitch.


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