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The Disrespect In Censorship
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, November 30 2006, 21:55:14 (CET)
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...Cleary the decision was made already to find some pretext to ban strongly that position was taken can be seen in this pretext of my "disrespecting" someone who calls other people "sick animals". No warnings have been issued to nuthin. It's business as usual in Assyria. Had my purpose been to "expose" this forum I could have forced the issue the first day...but I didn't. I took the moderators...even the ones they added, at their word. I wrote posts filled with challenging ideas for people who can THINK...for people who merely REPEAT, I can see their distress. Certainly there have been plenty of abusive posts here...and many filled with junk mail...but all of that is okay...all of that will make for a "polite" if being polite ever got anyone anywhere in international or national issues. It's a good thing the Kurds haven't been "polite" or they'd be begging for a corner of Iraq still.

..any thinking person can see what's happening may be gratified, but only because you've been "protected" again...and you wonder why you get trounced time and again by people in the world who are more concerned with RESULTS without your phobia for being "respected"...even as the world and your own Christian allies spit on you time and again...the last time someone tried to be abusive to me, seriously abusive, I ran him over with my truck and killed his horse...shattered his collarbone he lived through it I don;t lnow...I'm polite to people who are polite...and censorship is the rudest thing of also shows your weaknesses because what you can't earn fairly you have to take unfair advantage of to gain. show how far from the mark this is just consider that to most of you freedom of speech and freedom at all has meant the chance to form your OWN a "free society". You still don't get it. Freedom is a isn't something ONE clique allows to itself and ITS friends while denying it to the MidEast you had no real freedom of had to watch your backs..even those of you not born there sang this song...and what did it teach you? nothing....except it must be neat to have that kind of never understood the ETHIC behind it or the principle...just the fact that an "oppressed" minority was now able to turn around and oppress other minority viewpoints. will start innocently enough...but history has shown time and again that those who start down this path won't goes to their heads....pretty soon they're issuing decrees and rules as fast as they can invent them..or, like aina, they have to be constantly on their guard...shutting down access and making their "forum" into a hothouse where only exotic plants can grow IF you maintain an artificial atmosphere...this will NOT prepare any of you to deal strongly with opposition...the Muslim countries your Assyria will be surrounded by will NOT be polite to you...they will NOT give you respect because you make it a rule..or because you demand it...they'll give it to you as you deserve it...which should be the same standard that John Esho is held to...let HIM show respect for people and then ask for the same...let the moderator here insist John Esho not use insultiung words towards others and then he can ask for apologies....absent that, this is just tyranny dressed up in polite words.

This request for a unilateral apology is just the first step towards increasing censorship here...of course they'll deny it....and certainly those of you allowed to remain will feel gratified that you were among the CHOSEN...just wait. Your turn will come...some new moderator will come one day and you'll be surprised to discover that you TOO can be banned....or toyed with as if you were a child.


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