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To BE or NOT to BE
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Thursday, February 22 2007, 0:26:56 (CET)
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No one understands better than me that for someone NOT to have any relatives living in Iraq at this turbulent moment would not understand what it means to have OTHERS call you Chaldo/Assyrians, (Catholic Assyrians) or Christian Kurds, or any other invented name other than Assyrian, ESPECIALLY when you have lived your entire life on the same soil that was ALWAYS and historically known as Assyria.

Yes, no one cares about these things except those Assyrians who have continuously lived there, since time immemorial, and have always enjoyed some sense of autonomy from Baghdad, and have had Assyrians running their own affairs in the north, such as mayors, administrators, judges, etc. BUT all of a sudden to have everything taken away from you by some Kurds, who have taken over your lands, villages, administrative offices, government buildings, etc. and now want to call you Christian Kurds, and your lands Kurdistan, and impose Islamic Shariaa laws and Islamic courts upon you, where you no longer have control over your own lives, your destiny and the future of your children, IT HURTS, to say the least, and I don't expect ANYONE outside of Iraq to understand all this, much less have sympathy for those who are trying to survive, and keep what little they have left!


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