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Why The Sudden Challenge to Armenian Genocide Claims?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, September 8 2010, 20:14:58 (UTC)
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...well, Iīll tell you...because there is a concerted, even government-sponsored effort to slander and vilify Islam and Muslims...thatīs why. And because Christians are notorious for trying to evade scrutiny by quickly accusing others of their own crimes. I always wondered when Jews and then Germans began to suspect that something far more sinister than then usual Christian persecution of religious minorities was taking shape in Germany...when did they figure it out and what caused them to take a harder look?

Thatīs exactly whatīs happening now only Muslims are todaysīJews...once again itīs open season on a religious minority...once again you can accuse its members of ridiculous things and get away with it, once again people who refuse to join in or who question such baseless accusations are branded traitors, or in this case "Muslim lovers" or "Christian haters" once they were accused of favoring Jews...just because they try to be fair and open minded...once again there is a rush to condemn on the slightest of evidence, much of it admittedly fabricated or lifted out of context and twisted to boot.

The time to resist this second grand Christian pogrom is now..and there is no better weapon to use than truth...with a capital "T". And keep in mind that by the time the orgy of bigotry and hatred and murder has ended, we, the "good people", and our country, will have suffered did the German people and nation at he end of the war...when you unleash this much hatred and bigotry and lies the backwash will overwhelm you as many times does it have to happen before people learn?

I have no problem accepting that a genocide of Armenians took place and that the Turks are as guilty as sin, as guilty as Christians...but I need evidence...I donīt need articles in Armenian newspapers, or missionary tracts...I donīt need article in Turkish papers either...what I want is the FACTS set before minus the opinions....I can form my own, I donīt need anyone elseīs...but I do need facts and so far no one has answered the most glaring fact against a genocide and that is that Christians elsewhere in Turkey and easily within reach of Turkish officials were not harmed or molested during the war....

There is no evidence of a genocide by the Turks, of a determined effort, sanctioned by government, to wipe out Turkish Christians...there is evidence of some massacres, or murder, of mob violence and dereliction of duty...but none of that is genocide or comes close...more to the point all these charges hold good for the United States in its war on Iraq and now Afghanistan....whereīs the outcry? Or perhaps, is this the reason we are so determined that there HAD to eb a genocide by Muslims (90 years ago) cover up our own ongoing one against them?


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