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Wullah, you Christians are something else...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, November 29 2007, 20:28:41 (CET)
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You rail against Islam saying it has a sword in its flag and say it isn’t secular when Egypt under Nasser and Iran and Iraq used to be, before the United States installed Mullahs in one place and a Shi’aa majority in the other, neither if which were tolerated previously…and then you claim Islam is violent when Christian nations are mercilessly pounding Iraqi civilians into the ground and have been for 17 years…after Christian nations have brought the world two global wars…you call Semele a massacre while overlooking the murder of six million Jews, by Christians, 15 years AFTER the 300 hundred victims of Semele…you wail about 750,000 massacred by the Turks over 80 years ago without once complaining of several hundred thousand more than that number killed in these few years by Christians…and on for the foreseeable future…and then, when things get hot for you and even you feel ashamed of yourselves, you say that the millions and millions of Christians in the world got it “wrong” and the few piddling numbers you represent are the only true ones…you excuse every Christian who commits crimes as not a “real” one yet you insist every criminal Muslim is “typical”…you claim Islam condones and even forces its followers into wars but can’t name a single war waged against anyone in the last 200 years by any Muslim nation except in defense of their integrity when the murderous Christians of Europe decided to settle the Jews they couldn’t kill fast enough there…a period of time in which Christians have murdered millions of other Christians…you then find yourselves running to hide behind the bloody weapons of the “wrong” kinds of Christians, cheering them on when they do your killing for you…all the while claiming you have some special right to land that isn’t your’s and which you abandoned anyway…

If you’re the real Christians, as you claim, why don’t you follow Christ’s example…as you say Muslims follow Muhammad’s? When did Jesus ask for land…or a triangle? When did Jesus demand anything from anyone…did Jesus demand a job…a Cadillac…a Rolex….did Jesus present a claim to any land? What did Jesus tell you except to follow in his footsteps if you wanted his reward…did his footsteps ever lead to a Real Estate office? Where did he want you to follow except up that cross which was the gateway to your Paradise…? A Paradise which could ONLY come to you through abject humility, degradation and finally a violent death…as his father, your god, decreed?

Why are you complaining to the world? Did Jesus complain…did he try to back out at the last minute? Did he vilify the very people who made sure to send him to Paradise in the only way Paradise can be obtained….through murder? Had Jesus not been murdered where would you be today and what would you have to look forward to? Why wasn’t Muhammad torn to pieces as your Jesus had to be, on commands from his father? Which religion is violent when your’s started out with a murder and Muhammad died peacefully in bed surrounded by loving family and friends?

Don’t you think it’s silly to kneel down to pray to the Lord on the fast lane of a freeway…and then curse the skies demanding to know what a truck was doing on that road…and how come you got mowed down?

If you’re a true Christian then take it like a man and a real woman, as Jesus did, and stop pissing and moaning about what is owed you on earth and how you’re being pushed around, as Jesus was…and if people have at times offered to hurry you along to that Paradise, as they got Jesus there faster so he could party with god…shut the fuck up and GO there…leave the rest of us to heal this earth which you Christians are rapidly turning into a death camp for us all.



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