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all religions are NOT the same...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, November 26 2007, 2:22:13 (CET)
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...there is no modern religion which teaches crimes as religion...none.

Not one of the five pillars of Islam is a crime...anywhere. Jewish ritual, except for circumcision(also in Islam), also includes no crimes...and in truth we haven't progressed enough yet to declare circumcison, for any reason, a crime, which is what it is: infant mutilation.

That isn't the case with Christianity...and again I think that's because Christianity is an invention of the Roman Empire and not of Jesus...they took the wisdom of Jesus, wisdom he got from all the wise people who went before him, and they concocted an imperial religion in a time when there were not enough policemen.

People say religion serves a useful purpose because police can't be that if you believe god is, and he sees and knows everything, you'll behave yourself. The trouble with that notion is that god doesn't bring people to justice..not here on earth. We have more than enough cops these days, and courts and lawyers...we don't need an Omnipotent and Omnicient super-cop any longer....I'll feel a lot safer if they don't teach guilt to children, twist and cripple them so they can justify a need for god's "mercy" later. Let the doctor NOT bring the disease and we won't need his cure....I'll settle for NO religion but a good and fair judiciary, police and decent rehabilitation....I'm not waiting on god to punish a murderer.

The core of Christian belief is a crime, on earth. When we decry violent games for children and refuse even to allow them to play with toy guns because they "look too real"...we don't seem to mind that we place a minaiture gold model of an instrument of torture and murder; the cross, around their necks. We also see nothing wrong with bringing them into churches where painted manniquins hang from the ceiling covered in red gore, with the heart often torn open and dripping blood.

This is paganism at its worst.

Amazingly we allow our children to "drink blood" and "eat flesh" as a "divine" test of their faith and belief....this is's also sick beyond belief...and it sure as shit ain't "human nature"...because human nature and laws too have condemned this sort of thing for several hundred years...yet Christianity makes it mandatory on believers.

And then there's the whole get-into-heaven-when-we-kill-Jesus business. These aren't MY "slanders"'s what Christianity demands. It's a simple truth that if Jesus had not been killed no Christian could get into heaven. It's that simple. Therefore, in order to get life eternal, even years after the have to BELIEVE and ACCEPT that Jesus, "died for you"...that had he not been killed "for you" heaven for you. This sets Christian children on a lifetime path of accepting benefits that can ONLY come to them through murder...and they don't mind it. On the contrary, they weep and rejoice at the beauty of it all. This is simply not a healthy way to raise children...and it's almost worse that it's "symbolic"...which hardly lessens the brutal ugliness and damage of such sick symbols on impressionable minds...

...all that remained to make a really nasty stew was to call all this mayhem and bloodlust "LOVE".

This is unique to Christianity and Christianity alone....pick all the weird and goofy rituals of any other major religion today and you will not find anything even close.

When people, filled with this kind of garbage, hear and see and smell it laid out so simply and clearly, without chanting and choral song or hallelujas well, even they are disgusted. But they take their anger out against the one showing them the mirror...and not at the adults who tricked them and warped them into such wasn't Jesus at was the Romans.


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