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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, February 19 2007, 18:38:40 (CET)
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...Things got all smooshed up...someone might think Aprim was me talking...

pancho wrote:
>By:Fred Aprim
>Date: Saturday, 17 February 2007, at 8:21 pm
>In Response To: The political reality of Assyrians; "to be or not to be" with ADM (David)
>Dear David,
>I am going to make a short and to the point statement.

...let us be the judge of that this once.
>Your first conclusion is accurate since those against the ADM had indeed no logic in their arguments, were inconsistent in their thoughts and unreal in their plans, if they had any realistic plans that is. I say this because they did not have any plan and their record of accomplishment, if existing, proves it. I challenge anyone to show us anything that the BNDP for example accomplished in 30 years in Iraq. Their plan in the last 15 years, after all is said and done, was just to object and be against the ADM, simple.

...To make sense of this you have to remember that the majority of Assyrians didn’t bother to vote for any of these Assyrian turkeys. So that when Fred Aprim says that the other groups had “unrealistic” programs etc, it by no means should be assumed that he and Kenna had any real ones, which might explain things a bit.
...Our predicament is as follows…1000 Assyrians are gathered at the foot of Mt Everest. It’s cold, very cold. A few people say it’s warmer on the other side and they should climb over the mountain where it’s warm and national. One guy found ten Assyrians to elect him leader…another five elected someone else and three more elected still another leader…leader number one suggested all 1000 Assyrians fall to their knees and walk up the mountain, that way they wouldn’t bump their heads on the tree branches… another leader called this one a fool and a traitor to the people with an unrealistic and ridiculous plan….he called for the Assyrians to fall on their knees but walk backwards up the mountain…for this, he said, would keep them from getting discouraged at the distance yet to go and getting bumped on the head shouldn’t discourage true sons of Assyria…the third fellow called the other two ”Kurds”, “sell-outs” and idiots and said his plan was the only one as it called for them all to lay down and roll up the mountain because that way they could sleep whenever tired, wouldn’t get discouraged because they wouldn’t be able to see anything and would miss all the branches too…and when no one wanted to follow any of the three…all three said that their people were cowards, backstabbers, un-Assyrian, lacking vision and dumb, whereupon the assembled Assyrians decided climbing Mt Everest, under the guidance of any of these elected leaders, would be suicide…so they turned and walked back to the valley of Kurdistan where they felt they might have a chance to stay warm because there none of their leaders could lead them.

However, the second part of your conclusions regarding the failure of ADM to produce greater (and not "any", as you stated) positive outcomes is mainly due to ONE very important and clear reason and that is the interference of the KDP leadership since 1992 and Barazani's success to use certain weak and questionable factions or individuals to oppose the ADM that legally represent the people through elections.

...this is to imply that other people…the French, the Irish, the Israelis etc. have no “interference” in anything they attempt and no Barzanis making their lives difficult…you see, the truth of it is that Fred Aprim, Kenna and the rest have options so they take none of this as a life and death matter…because they have nothing to lose whereas other people must stay and fight for what they want, because they don’t want to even consider an option…and, if they lose, after having put up a stiff fight, shut-up because they know they are the ones who decided to quit the field…nothing in the world keeps Fred Aprim from putting on war paint and going to Iraq to fight for what he the Americans and Kurds have done…and if he wants the path to be smoothed for him ahead of time, to have someone take out BDNP and Barzani and the schoolyard bully too…well it’s no surprise because that’s what he demands all moderators do before he’ll grace them with this national twaddle. It just ain’t real..folks.
...If the “powerful” and much-to-be-feared Assyrians, backed up now by the Jewish god and creator of the universe, can’t deal with Dadeeshoo and his Bingo-warriors..or Barzani or high humidity, then what are they bothering us for? Can we give them the courage they lack? Can we make them sharper and brighter? Will they even listen to anyone? So what do they want from us? Cash? Validation as something they’re obviously not? Why don’t we just pat them on the head, burp them if need be, and put them to bed? How long must we go on hearing them say…”but Mommy, I CAN’T”!
>By using these questionable small insignificant paper-like institutions and individuals, the KDP stalled and blocked much of the most important things that the ADM had planned, including the most important of them all, i.e., unity and everything else that might have come through that unity (and with unity I mean united leadership and united agenda).
...Fred...listen close...if what you say is true…if your leader was blocked by “small insignificant paper-like” things…what do you want US to do? If you people can’t even get out of the gate…can’t maneuver past your OWN PEOPLE…how do you expect to get anywhere outside?

> If we had that, no one would have been able to stall us from achieving what we wanted in the past 15 years.

...yes, but you DIDN’T have that! How many more things, assuming you ever get out there, are you also going to tell us kept you from succeeding?
...for whatever reason and by your admission, you obviously CAN”T succeed!!! And neither can any of the rest of you. You make great plans...I’ll grant you...and if the world would just arrange itself so as to block nothing and facilitate everything, you’d probably succeed...but it doesn’t work that way Fred...people are expected to succeed INSPITE of the obstacles in their path.

When an empowered group like the KDP, which uses terror and intimidation to get things done, uses such individuals against the ADM it is just impossible to get things done. Why not admit to that fact. No matter how hard the ADM tried, the KDP always moved those puppet individuals to block the ADM efforts.

...yes but your “opponents”, by definition, will OPPOSE you...they will ALWAYS do these things. If you’re going to cry “foul” every time someone uses a normal, tried and true political dirty trick, which everyone everywhere uses...and sit back and use that as the excuse for your not being able to come up with a single damn thing to do about it in order to play your game...then you don’t BELONG in the game!
...It’s tough in the NBA and they’re all mostly Christians...and if you can’t deal with elbows to the head, gouged eyes, slapped heads, but only want to shoot free throws...from closer to the basket, with all "opposition" silenced while you don’t BELONG in the NBA but the peewee league.
> If these small family run institutions or bought individuals that are not counted on our people were not always objecting to the ADM plans (through the support and backing of the KDP of course) we were going to had much progress in the past 15 years. But these are the realities on the ground.
...yes they ARE...that’s the whole behave as if these things are really odd and strange and you were taken completely by surprise when they showed up and must be EXPOSED…when it’s just normal politics and always has been…and always will be.

>So when we state that the ADM failed to get certain important things done, we must look at the reasons why., no Fred…you can’t blame your personal, or national failures on other people Fred…not on enemies or small families or traitors and the rest of it. Since others are succeeding at this game all around us…and you are not…then don’t blame us…take some responsibility for your actions Fred…stop blaming the rest of us.
> Any other organization in ADM shoes would have similarly been unable to accomplish certain things while facing the policies of the Barzani and KDP.

...then you should all quit…because you HAVE quit and quit a long time ago, the first time everyone didn’t lay down and give you all you asked for…that key word; GIVE again…and from that moment on you were useless...and you’d think you’d want to stop advertising the fact.
> The ADM tried hard to maneuver since the ADM was operating within the KDP power territory. Therefore, one must be realist to how much freedom the ADM had to accomplish certain things that it wished to accomplish.
...exactly...we ARE being realistic…and you are not. The situation is indeed as you describe it, “hard”...and you are not up to the difficulty…you can blame us, if you want…but that’s not going to get you whatever it is you think was being withheld...all those people who didn’t trust you or ADM have simply had their doubts confirmed by the outcome and especially by your constant lamentations...moreso every time you open your much abuse do you need?
...The Aprimism: unfortunately this entire post is an Aprimism...which goes like this..”I woulda if I coulda but I couldn’a so I didn’a…and it’s YOUR fault”


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