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=> it's payback time.....

it's payback time.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 23 2017, 15:08:52 (UTC)
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...what did Brits think, that they could kill Muslim children and never suffer payback? Destroy a country which never did anything to them except allow them to steal oil for decades and remain safe from attack themselves? What sort of world do these people think they live in?

...they weep for four killed yesterday, the same day day dozens were killed in Syria and before that in Iraq and next in Libya but only THEY have valid complaints?

...their own airplanes and cars are being used against them as weapons...because the poor people they attack have nothing else with which to fight back....

..the best part is that this all happening because of Muhammad....not what THEY did to Muslim countries, but because a man named Muhammad was born 1400 years ago.....if not for him, Muslims would be just fine with all that has been done to them....that is the stupidest fig leaf of all.


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