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rank Maggie hypocrisy
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, May 25 2014, 15:17:06 (UTC)
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Website title: an extended article on her abandoned message board Maggie reprints an old article about abuse of women plus an email she received from an assyrian man who disagreed with her.....towards the end she writes this;

"Dear Assyrian brother, your e-mail proves the article’s theme and message. Denial will not solve the problem. Instead of writing that abuse against Assyrian women doesn’t exist, you should have had the courage to write on the forum and state that you are one educated Assyrian man who does not support abuse and violence against women, and we could have had an open and honest debate about this issue."

..."had the courage..."? It isn't a matter of courage on the part of those who wish to write on her message's a matter of courage in Maggie who won't allow dissent on her message board. Many know from experience that if you disagree with Maggie, especially if you are effective and can't be silenced, your posts will simply be deleted and so will you.


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