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=> them fearful Koreans.....

them fearful Koreans.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, April 18 2017, 15:42:50 (UTC)
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Website title:'s funny how hard they try to make Koreans seem dangerous....was it pure chance that they decided to fire one of their missiles just when Turmp was hoping to distract us? And then, sigh, the damn thing blew up...BUT, "were those ICBMs we saw in the parade?" Maybe we should we afraid of THOSE.

The fact that we've been feeding the Koreans for decades now should dispel any "fears"....our government has done this because they NEED those "unpredictable commies"...look how handy they came in last week, Trump's "best week" so far..

And then there's the trillion dollar missile defense shield our boys have been itching to build since Reagan...what would be the point of it if Korea wasn't a "threat"?

It's all high comedy, even farce. Americans, it turns out, are the most frightened people on earth today....and they've done it to themselves.


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